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CB Store Updates And Other Exciting News
Send Your Feedback To The Buddies

Crochet Buddies now has a Feedback Form! Let us know which posts you would like to see more often on this site. The form is also posted on the Contact page, and can be filled out anytime. 🙂

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Wren’s Cobblestone Stitch Blanket, And Holiday Dress

With the temperatures reaching a significant low this year, I asked the dolls what they’d like me to make for them – blanket? sweater? beanie? – and they answered simultaneously: “BLANKETS.” The dolls have been enduring the cold – as we all have – but now it’s time they had something cozy for all those […]

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T&A #4: Arts Festival Mentality, And Disposition

And we’re back to the Arts Festival T&A series! It’s been months since I last posted something related to Arts Festivals or craft fairs. Figured it would be best to continue this series before moving on to more in-depth posts about other T&A posts, such as TAODC. ∗∗∗ Not everyone realizes this, but it’s critical […]

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Olive-coloured tutorials – Romantic day on the beach

Hello everyone, Olive here!  Welcome to my first tutorial! Today, I’ll be walking you guys through my process in making last year’s anniversary gift for my parents. The past few years, I’ve been working on my multi-media art skills (a form of art that I’ve grown to like working with more and more) in the […]

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So… What “Inspires” You?

Bonjour mes amis! Yvonne here. I have always loved that scene in All Creatures Great and Small when Herriot delivers a calf at the Dinsdales’ farm. He writes: “I grinned. This was the bit I liked. The little miracle … [I]t was something that would never grow stale no matter how much I saw it.” […]

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A Brief Look Back

Backward go the months and forward go the years. Thought I’d share a comparison of the Crochet Buddies agenda back in May, and how it’s turned out. Things have changed since then – including the addition of two Buddies: Olive and Yvonne. I don’t think I would be a smidgen as inspired to write, to […]

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Mini Doll Group Hug

Team... aka The Buddies

We are a group of experienced crocheters, crafters and writers who love traveling, brainstorming, new patterns and really cool ideas. Meet the folks who are going to take your creativity to a whole new level.



In Charge (well, almost)

Hello everyone! I'm Orchid, the "human" who started this site. I've been crocheting for about 5 years now, and love being able to share knowledge and ideas with fellow crocheters, crafters and anyone who stops by. I also love giving advice to those new to the crafting world. If you're stuck on a project, or need some special form of inspiration, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the community!



    Writer, crafter, best friend and motivation extraordinaire

    Hey all! I’m Olive. I am Orchid’s best friend and very proud to be a part of this fabulous project! (And did I mention I’m human? That seems important.) My posts will range from DIY projects, to picture posts of the glimmers of wonder I see around me as I go through my days. I’m also working on a trilogy novel series “The Song of the Midnight Flower”, which is constantly being inspired by everything around me. I can’t wait to meet you, and share my creative visions with you guys!



      Crocheter, Writer, Crafter And Best Friend

      Bonjour! I’m Yvonne, a friend of Orchid and Olive’s. Like them, I’m a writer, crocheter, and doer of all things crafty. Most recently, I’ve dedicated myself to creative non-fiction and portraiture (which, I’m guessing, is what most of my posts will center around). I’m very excited to be a part of this project, and I look forward to meeting you all!

        Products and Services

        Our online store is now open, with newly crocheted and lovingly crafted patterns and creations. The store features handmade OOAK (one of a kind) items that include outfits for 18" and other dolls, handmade DIY projects, and customized pattern kits. The store is on the Products For Sale page.

        Limited Time Offer: 10% Discount On All "Grandma's Love" Scarfs!
        “Grandma’s Love” Scarves, the special line of tube-neck scarfs lovingly knitted by Olive’s grandmother, are on sale now until December 2! Visit and enter the coupon code “Lovemyscarf!” with your order!
        Crochet Outfits For Mini Dolls Are Now Available
        Newly-crocheted items have been added to the Crochet Buddies Online Store! The first batch is comprised of clothes, accessories and carry cases for mini dolls.
        Crochet Accessories For Mini Dolls Have Been Added To The CB Online Store
        More handmade items are now available on the Products For Sale page, under Doll Accessories. The first type of accessory added is the Sleeping Bag/Carry Case/Purse for 6 inch (15 cm) dolls.

        Tips And Advice, Patterns, Forum, And More

        Our T&A series features advice from finding crochet inspiration and staying motivated, to preparing for craft events; holiday gift ideas; collecting and maintaining a doll collection; and working on book writing. Additionally, discover free patterns, crochet lessons, the Crochet Coral Reef Project, our Yarnventuring and Craftventuring series, and much more! You can also join the Forum for sharing and discussing craft insight.

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