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CB Store Updates And Other Exciting News
Ruby’s Crochet Outfit

We all heal in different ways. Sometimes it helps being with other people. Other times, being alone, away from all the noise and distraction, lets one have the time to think and reflect. It’s been almost eleven days since my grandmother passed away. Things are starting to return to normal – whatever that is, or […]

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A New Chapter Begins

There’s no way to determine what will happen in a few days, or hours. We can guess, we can assume. But there’s no way to know. Two weeks ago, I had written about change. Change has happened, and it will take time to heal. But it’s okay. There are no regrets. Things happened the way […]

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A Little Bamboletta Miracle

In the last post, I talked about what was going on, and how everything has very suddenly changed. It’s going to take time to work everything out. But I don’t want to linger on sadness and regret. I want the next few days, or however long I’m away, to be about something happy. Yesterday afternoon, […]

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It’s easy to pretend everything’s okay. It’s easy to lose track of what really matters in life. Who really matters. I write this post with overwhelming sadness. What was once joy and excitement for the start of the next few months, has now become worry and uncertainty. I say this not to cause worry for […]

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AwtB #16: Debbie And The Duck Pond

A few days ago, Debbie went on her first major outing around campus. Ever since emerging from “hibernation,” she’d wanted to explore all the interesting sights surrounding campus – away from any potential noise the students were making. There was a duck pond nearby, hidden between lecture buildings and trees. Debbie had heard about it, […]

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Book Writing Basics – Characters

Good morning world! Tis I, Olive again, here with another wonderful episode of “Book Writing Basics”! This week I’ll be covering the basics of creating characters for your storyline. In the future, I’ll have another series of posts covering character types and how to write them (writing a protagonist vs an antagonist), how to develop […]

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Debbie’s Chronicles: A Beginning

There is a page on Crochet Buddies called “Debbie’s Chronicles.” It’s been empty for a very long time, because the doll/narrator has been absent from CB everyday events. Now that’s about to change. Who is Debbie? Doll-wise, she’s a Madame Alexander Singin’ in the Rain Debbie Reynolds Cissette doll, LE 400. Her original production date […]

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More Announcements On The Future Of CB

Alright. Here’s what will be happening for all the future posts of Crochet Buddies. I’ll address each one and where it will be posted in future: here or on Homeschool Adventures. (Please keep in mind that posts are still being moved onto HS-A, and I’m making a few more adjustments until it’s perfect. 🙂 ) […]

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A Very Important CB Announcement

This post has been a long time coming. Until now I haven’t been able to correctly articulate it. This is probably far from articulate anyway. But it still needs to be said. Because I believe that with this change comes a lot more progress, and clarity, for the Crochet Buddies as a whole. As the […]

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Team... aka The Buddies

We are a group of experienced crocheters, crafters and writers who love traveling, brainstorming, new patterns and really cool ideas. Meet the folks who are going to take your creativity to a whole new level.



In Charge (well, almost)

Hello everyone! I'm Orchid, the "human" who started this site. I've been crocheting for about 5 years now, and love being able to share knowledge and ideas with fellow crocheters, crafters and anyone who stops by. I also love giving advice to those new to the crafting world. If you're stuck on a project, or need some special form of inspiration, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the community!



    Writer, crafter, best friend and motivation extraordinaire

    Hey all! I’m Olive. I am Orchid’s best friend and very proud to be a part of this fabulous project! (And did I mention I’m human? That seems important.) My posts will range from DIY projects, to picture posts of the glimmers of wonder I see around me as I go through my days. I’m also working on a trilogy novel series “The Song of the Midnight Flower”, which is constantly being inspired by everything around me. I can’t wait to meet you, and share my creative visions with you guys!



      A feisty young adventurer with a unique point of view

      Hey you guys! Wren here. I'm one of Orchid's characters: a 6" mini doll, model for various items for sale, and occasional narrator of the Blog. I'm here to bring you along on an adventure through the eyes of a mini doll. You ready? Let's begin! :)

        Products and Services

        Our online store is now open, with newly crocheted and lovingly crafted patterns and creations. The store features handmade OOAK (one of a kind) items that include outfits for 18" and other dolls, handmade DIY projects, and customized pattern kits. The store is on the Products For Sale page.

        "Grandma's Love" Scarves Are Now Available!
        “Grandma’s Love” Scarves, the special line of tube-neck scarfs lovingly knitted by Olive’s grandmother, are now available for sale! 18 products are listed on the respective Products For Sale page with their colour, size, measurements, and price.
        Crochet Outfits For Mini Dolls Now Available
        Newly-crocheted items have been added to the Products For Sale page! The first batch is comprised of clothes, accessories and carry cases for mini dolls.
        Crochet Accessories For Mini Dolls Have Been Added To The CB Online Store
        More handmade items are now available on the Products For Sale page, under Doll Accessories. The first type of accessory added is the Sleeping Bag/Carry Case/Purse for 6 inch (15 cm) dolls.

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        For product enquiries, getting featured, scheduling an interview, sharing patterns, or any questions regarding Crochet Buddies. We will respond as promptly as possible.


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