2017 Arts Festival Update: Thursday

Yet another evening, yet another AWESOME adventure! Today Mom and I had the privilege of walking around the adult vendors’ booths at the Central PA Festival of the Arts, and got to see all that was going on and who was there. (Dad had to work, but he’ll be out and about the next couple days, as he was yesterday!) Based on observation, I noticed that the photography, paintings/drawings, mixed media art, pottery, jewelry, clothing/accessories and furniture dominated the festival, in terms of popularity and how many artisans made and featured those items. One or two booths were selling musical instruments; others had metalwork displays, woven heirlooms, birdhouses, and tons more!

We stopped to talk with a few of the vendors, and left with some really interesting stories to tell! (Or rather, transcribe. Golly, will that be fun…) Some of our conversations/interviews lasted nearly an hour! Needless to say, a LOT was going on. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how well today turned out! And there are still three more days of Arts Festival awesomeness! ๐Ÿ˜€

Judging by my total photo count of 2,096 on one camera, there will definitely be a lot to archive and post about on this Blog. It’ll all be worth it, I’m sure! More than worth it. Just being here, so close to all the creative energy and excitement, is more than enough; the ability to document all this is a super bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚

So yeah! This is kind of a short update, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning that today turned out wonderful upon wonderful. Mom and I made amazing new friends, met up with some old buddies, ran into people we know, and had such a fun time. I really look forward to sharing more in-depth adventures with you all soon!

Olive will be posting some very special writing and brainstorming advice tomorrow, so stay tuned for that, and enjoy the rest of your week! Until next time!~

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