Who We Are

Crochet Buddies is a site, store and blog dedicated to all who love crochet; to those experienced in the handicraft, and those who would like to learn; to the young, the young at heart, and the ever-inquisitive. In essence, this is a place for crafters to share insight, ideas, tips and advice, and everything else related to crochet, and other crafts as well.

Naturally, this isn’t meant to be exclusively about crochet. While the Crochet Buddies Blog predominantly features articles, items and insight on the specific handicraft, any and all who enjoy and are curious about other crafts are most welcome to join. In fact, the more diverse this community is, the more opportunity there will be to expand knowledge and have a deeper understanding and appreciation for other crafts out there.

We’d like to make something very clear, right off the bat: This is not a mainstream database where hundreds of unknown individuals contribute. Crochet Buddies is run by a few curious and crafty teenagers who love to share insight and get to know other fellow crafters on the Web.

From time to time, you’ll see posts on the Blog written by “characters” such as the 6″ mini dolls, which may cause some confusion at first. Hopefully this will clarify: Orchid, Olive and Yvonne are, at present, the “human” contributors of the site. When Orchid was the only one posting, “The Family” and “The Buddies” referred to the characters and spunky little models Orchid designs outfits for. Nowadays, “The Buddies” are all the fellow human being crafters out there, while “The Family” is comprised of Orchid’s characters, and those of her best friends.

How It All Began

Crochet Buddies began with a heartfelt desire to learn, discover and experience the wonderful realm of crochet. What started as frustration for Orchid over not being able to understand an amigurumi pattern, turned into a lovely creative endeavor that has since spanned five years, having begun in the summer of 2012. You can read more about those early endeavors here, on the first official Blog post. As for the humans themselves, you can read Orchid’s, Olive’s and Yvonne’s introductions on their respective pages.

Since then, numerous endeavors to create new patterns, make original items, participate in local Arts Festivals and craft fairs (which have turned out amazingly well), and share knowledge of crochet with others, have grown immensely. It can’t all be condensed in one story, or go to waste and become neglected. Hence, what you see today is an accumulation of several hours lovingly put into developing a community base. One that’s here to stay.

What Happens, And Will Happen, At Crochet Buddies

Aside from the main page, the Blog is a place where most of the “action” happens. Regular weekly posts, such as Adventures with the Buddies (AwtB), Tips & Advice (T&A), and other intriguing insights, are frequently published. Updates, patterns, events and notifications for new items available also go there. In short, practically everything new goes on the Blog.

We’ve recently added a Forum, for the sharing of any and all crochet and craft input. You’re more than welcome to join… just notify one of the Buddies via the form on the contact page, so your forum subscription does not get mistaken for spam.

It has been a long-term goal to get a newsletter, subscription and maybe even a quarterly magazine running. We shall see how that turns out in future.

Some of our current plans include establishing a membership group, having periodic guest features (for patterns, ideas, etc.), and tons more. There will be surprises, giveaways, free patterns and an abundance of other things as well.

Our Online Store (also accessible via the Products For Sale button) is open for you to choose from a wide array of handmade items. All items are 100% handmade, OOAK (one of a kind), made in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. Only the best quality yarns and patterns are used in the making of the items. The store is constantly growing, so whatever state it’s in is only the tip of the iceberg. More handmade outfits, accessories and other things are always being added.

Someday soon, when enough photos are gathered, there will also be a page dedicated to customers who have purchased handmade items from Crochet Buddies in the past. It’s on our Wish List of things to do, and it’s certainly not going to be left out.

All of which is to say… every page you see here is part of a great many things Crochet Buddies aspires to be; which is, among other things, a decently eclectic creative realm to be shared with others.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for discovering Crochet Buddies. It would mean the world to us to see what our viewers and friends think. If you like, you may let us know by commenting in some of the Blog posts, or via the Contact Form.

As always, you are more than welcome to take part in our adventures. Remember, it is as much a privilege to have you join us as it is to see the joy someone experiences when making and receiving something handmade.

If you’re still curious about us, or crochet in general, we’ve answered some questions on the FAQs page (still being frequently updated). If there are more questions you’d like to see, please let us know! We’ve also started a series of crochet lessons, for those who would love to learn.

Until next time! May your day be a lovely and blessed one!~

The Crochet Buddies