AwtB #10: Wren Out And About

Wow, what a week it’s been (and it’s still not over yet!). This Adventures with the Buddies post is yet another look through the ol’ photo archives. I realize there are still quite a few AwtB and Weekly Wonder posts, among others, that haven’t made it to this Blog. That, and the fact that Wren’s been standing on the mantelpiece observing everyone and everything over the last few days… so she hasn’t really had the chance to blog much. (Though she is trying her best to keep everything in order, so I commend her for doing so!)

All that being said, here’s this! A small collection of Wren out and about, among one of our many previous escapades (featuring a place we were traveling through, and the fountain in the background):

It was very sunny that day, and Wren wouldn’t sit still; she wanted to observe all the people going by. So this was all the semi-decent lighting we could work with, near the fountain. (The poor plants in the surrounding area didn’t look too happy either.)

As Wren was leaning over to reach one of the leaves, I focused in on the fountain…

…and, at the time, one of Wren’s simpler hairdos:

Then the lighting finally got better, and Wren posed for these:

That’s all for today! A little brief, I know… I’ll have more recent photos up and published soon. My photo count on one camera has now exceeded 2,690. But I am getting there, promise! 🙂 Tomorrow’s Weekly Wonder post will also have a series of photos from some earlier travels.

As Wren would say, “TTFN!”~

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