AwtB #12: Winifred’s Exploration

A few days before the Central PA Festival of the Arts, it rained and rained and rained. None of us wanted to venture outdoors.

Winifred, who was still new to the family, thought it would be fun to go exploring. She’d already been introduced to her sisters–Wren, Caoimhe and Fionnuala–but they were all too tired to do any exploring, after the long car ride. So she set out on her own little adventure.

On one of the “large” windowsills, she discovered a bottle full of corks. Who knew where they’d all come from, or how they all came to be in such a tiny space…

She wandered around a bit on the sill, and discovered a little abacus, just the right size for her to use.

While playing around with it, she watched the rain fall in loud torrents against the window.

Slowly, the rain began to fall softer and softer. It felt a little less scary without the thunder. Winifred put the abacus back in its place, and looked for something else to do. There were some funny curtain-like ropes hanging from up above–she remembered they had something to do with “blinds.”

She couldn’t reach high enough, though, and looking up made her feel dizzy, so she gave up on the idea of climbing.

Winifred wondered if the rain had finally let up. It had stopped for a short period of time, but outside everything was wet and damp and dreary.

Ah well, she thought, returning to the sill. It’s fun being indoors anyway.

Now what else can I do…

It was then that she spotted the banister leading downstairs. Now that gave her an idea…

Once she was confident enough climbing up and adjusting her position, Winifred thought it time she returned downstairs. Checking her boots to make sure they wouldn’t slip, she prepared to slide down the banister.

I can do this… I CAN do this…


She arrived downstairs to see everyone snoozing, and waiting out the rain. So she decided to continue her exploration!

On the way back up the banister, Winifred stopped to admire the raindrops on the windowpane, through the blinds:

~The End… for now~


The little t-shirt in the photos was one I’d crocheted for Wren to wear going out, but Wren kindly let Winifred have it to go exploring on this occasion, along with her jeans and boots. Those poor girls need a new wardrobe soon… 😉

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