AwtB #13: Efa At The Park

Right after Efa’s arrival, I brought her along on a little outing. Efa admired the flowers on the way to the park, and borrowed the camera to take some photos.

We arrived at a little playground shortly after. It was sweltering outside, and Efa didn’t want her vinyl to “melt.” So she stood under the shade of a very tall slide for a few minutes.

The park was warm and sunny. We sat on a bench in the shade and observed the playground.

Growing a little restless, Efa got up, stretched her legs and walked around on the bench.

“Okay, this is fun, but I’m a bit bored,” she told me. “Can you help me get down from this bench so I can take a walk?”

A few moments later, she was walking–or rather, “hiking”–through the gravel, just outside the playground.

“Ooh, what’s what over there?” she asked, pointing.

“It’s another bench,” I replied.

“Oh, okay.”

“Selfie time!” Efa announced, grinning. “Camera, please?”

When Efa turned around, she spotted the rock climbing structure, and wanted to see how high she could climb.

“I don’t think you can climb with your handbag, Efa…”

“Oh, yeah. Whoops.”

“You think I can do this?”

“Okay, almost there!”

“Hurray, I did it!!!”

“Ah, it’s nice up here.” Efa stopped to rest on the higher platform.

Then, out of curiosity, she crawled over to the edge to see exactly how high up she was.

“Wow, this is fun. We should come back to the park sometime.”

I agreed.

Back at home, Efa went to find the other mini dolls to share her adventure, but they were out and about elsewhere. “Oh well, I’ll just play with this yarn, thread, thingy. It looks like a nice seat.” Her shirt was also a bit dusty, so I gave her Wren’s t-shirt to wear.

“Thanks for the adventure, Orchid! Looking forward to the next one!”


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