AwtB #14: Efa and the Fountain

Not all outings are boring, even when you’re in the middle of running errands. On one occasion, Efa came along, not long after her first adventure at the park. There was a little clearing between the bus stop and shopping area, so we rested for a while and watched the fountain.

There were little ring marks in the ground, so I paused to take a little photo (boot included):

“Alright, now what?” Efa asked, jumping up from the bench. “Ooooh, can I stand in front of the fountain?”

“Okay, sure. Just don’t get wet, please.”

“Don’t worry. I’m an expert at staying dry.” She grinned.

“Hellooooooo there! Is that a bus I see?”

The bus driver wasn’t paying much attention, so Efa sat down and examined a little pile of pebbles on the fountain.

“Break over. Now what shall we do?”

“How about… adding some flair with my ponytails? Yes? No?”

“Can you see me? Is the angle good enough?”

“Look at all that space, people… what does anyone do with so much land?”

“It’s not really that much land… well, unless you’re Efa-size.”

“Point made.”

“I wonder…”

[Tiny interjection here: It’s amazing how much difference a little visual editing makes. Here’s the same photo as the one above, with the exposure enhanced to focus on Efa, and less on the scenery]:

“Hey, the sun came out a bit! Let’s go over to that bench and snap some pics.”

Not long after, we had to run for the next bus. Efa climbed back in the bag, while I took a few quick last-minute photos of the area:

(Surprise, surprise, I’m still in the midst of running errands… hehe.)

That’s all for now! I have a big announcement to make on Monday, so stick around for that, and many more posts to come. 🙂

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