AwtB #15: Efa And The Farmers Market

A couple Saturdays ago, Mom, Efa and I took a trip to one of the Farmers Markets in the area. As far as Farmers Markets go, this place is the hub: one downtown (by campus) on Tuesdays and Fridays, one in a nearby town on Wednesdays, and one by Home Depot on Saturdays. There was one in another town close by, on Wednesdays (all towns around here are within less than a mile radius, so for the most part everything’s accessible). But that one didn’t open this season because there weren’t enough people going there to buy food. All the Farmers Markets have delicious products for sale. Some of the stalls are run by the Amish, and it’s nice to converse with them and learn more about their culture.

Bottom line: We were going to the Saturday market on a glorious summer day:

We’d ordered a box from one of the Amish stalls, so it was compulsory that we pick it up that day. 😉 It was a little hard to carry around, so Efa and I waited on the curb with the box while Mom finished shopping.

“What’s in there, Orchid?”

I tried to pretend I didn’t know.

“Yeah, right,” said Efa. “I’m gonna take a look…”

“Whoa, whoopie pies! Whoopieeeeeeeee!”

“This is the best Farmers Market ever!!!”

Um… you do know you can’t exactly eat those whoopies, right, Efa?

But Efa was far too excited with the box to worry about that. She climbed back down and looked around at the scenery.

“It sure is hot today! Where’s the sunscreen?”

It was so hot, in fact, that the shining sun made me edit one of her photos so she wasn’t a looming shadow in front of a whoopie pie box:

“Um, Orchid, your boot’s in the way.” Whoops.

We got some really nice photos of Efa:

“Out into the wilderness… well, not exactly, but, you know.”

Efa rested on the curb for a few more seconds, before Mom returned with the produce.

Bonus: A bunny! Kind of like the one from Weekly Wonder, The Eleventh. They could be related?

Now, for an explanation: This post would have been up much earlier. However, yesterday there was a huge thunderstorm; 60 mph winds and penny size hail. It got darker, and darker, and… suddenly the power switched off. The whole area was plunged into darkness. It was strange, how quiet the houses around us were. (No students partying, thank goodness; though some were crazy enough to hang out in the rain.)

It was pouring outside, though still a little light:

With no power, though, the lights, fridge, stove, everything was off, including internet. It was just a tiny bit dark inside, before we opened the blinds:

Outside, it smelled really damp and muggy. I felt bad for all the people who were out in the rain. Hopefully no one got too sick from it.

The power went back on a few hours later, and now everything’s back to normal… although I’m really behind on other things. Good thing this next week is predicted to be sunny.

So yeah, that’s why this post is a little delayed. By the time the power was back, it had gotten really dark and I just went to bed early.

That’s all for now! Some more announcements are coming next week, so stayed tuned for that. 🙂

P.S. The format I used for spelling Farmers Market is the AP Stylebook; hence, no apostrophe. I know people out there spell Farmers with an apostrophe, and I used to as well, but because AP recognizes it as a descriptive phrase, not a possessive one, I’d rather just exclude the apostrophe. This is simply for clarification, in case any confusion ever arises.

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