AwtB #16: Debbie And The Duck Pond

A few days ago, Debbie went on her first major outing around campus. Ever since emerging from “hibernation,” she’d wanted to explore all the interesting sights surrounding campus – away from any potential noise the students were making. There was a duck pond nearby, hidden between lecture buildings and trees. Debbie had heard about it, and wanted to see the pond for herself. (The first few photos are scenery; the rest feature Debbie.)

It wasn’t too crowded; in fact, the walk was rather calm and nice.

As we walked along the path to the duck pond, a lovely little clearing came into view:

Looking back the way we’d come:

Up ahead was a bridge, with the duck pond on either side. The building in the background was once home to the president of the university:

It was interesting how that lamppost on the left had some Narnia vibes… hehe:

To the right of the bridge was one area of the duck pond. It was very quiet and still, as Debbie and I waited for some ducks to appear:

The benches along the bridge were a convenient sitting/studying area:

The pond remained silent for a little while, then the first duck appeared:

It seemed to be the only duck around, so we went over to the other side of the bridge. Debbie peeked down at the water. “Hello, ducks? Are you down there?”

“It’s quiet, but a bit too quiet. Where are they?”

“I’m sure they’ll come out soon, Debbie.”

“Alright. I’ll try to absorb some sunshine while we wait.”

“Still nothing. Hm…”

“Do you think the ducks have all settled in for the night, or are they still swimming around?”

While Debbie was waiting for the ducks, she thought it best to have a seat and enjoy the remaining sunshine.

“Oops, the camera’s here. Better adjust my posture.”

“It’s so nice to be out again…”

Growing a little restless, Debbie hopped down from the bench and climbed onto the opposite seat, wondering if the ducks would appear on the other side of the bridge where we’d first looked.

“Any sign of the ducks yet…?”

Something was moving back on the other side of the bridge, in the water. Debbie hurried back there and peeped over the edge. “There’s one! The ducks are alive!”

“Hurray, one’s finally come into existence!”

The duck stopped to rest on a rock:

“Alright, I’ve seen the ducks, we can go now,” Debbie announced. “I wonder what else is around here… any native plant species?”

There were a few, but it was getting dark, so with a sigh, Debbie agreed to come back another day and take a closer look at the plants.

Feeling tired, excited and overwhelmed at being outside after so long, Debbie turned and waved to the special pond. “Farewell for now, little friends. I hope to see you again someday.”


Debbie is a Madame Alexander Singin’ in the Rain Debbie Reynolds Cissette doll, LE 400. She’s wearing her original outfit, with the exception of the shirt and bracelet (crocheted by me a few years ago). The original top, a sleeveless knitted sweater, is still around; though for purposes of outings, she chooses to wear the chiffon-like shirt. 🙂

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