AwtB #4: Wren With Her Hair Down

HELLO, PEOPLE! Wren here. Again. It’s that time of week, and I figured, hey, why not post about another cool adventure? Well, here goes! (And yes, as you may have guessed by the title, my hair was down the entire time. It looks a bit frizzy now, but hey, it was fun!! I don’t mind a bit. πŸ™‚ )

If you’re wondering where Caoimhe and Fionnuala are, they’ve been staying indoors a bit because they’re still getting used to living with the Buddies. I totally get that. Besides, Orchid’s thinking of making more outfits, and they have to stay in nice condition to be photographed, when the chance for a nice sunny day comes. I’m more of an outdoorsy travel companion, for the record–though I also pose and model some of the new outfits coming out in the store.

During yet another ride on the train, I took some neat footage of one of the towns we passed:

Wren’s Railroad Adventure

Note: Don’t know why the video uploaded so choppily. It looks fine when we play it on our desktop. Oh well. Must be an uploading thing.

Sometimes we like to do “station hopping,” or stopping at random towns to see what they’re like, and to take some photos. We don’t usually have free time to do this, but this adventure was kind of nice, despite the stress of making sure we didn’t miss the train. On this occasion we stopped at a place close to downtown. It was a bit overcast, but other than that the weather held up nicely. There was a lot of cool scenery around, including tons of flowers and trees, and some telephone wires like this one:

(I have no idea why telephone wires are so appealing to photograph… they just are!)

Some large pebbles, or rocks (whatever you call them), were next to the flowers on the sidewalk:

And, of course, the flowers. This season lots of lovely kinds are popping up. They’re gigantic for my size, but they were really fun to admire!

And then there’s me. I’ll just go ahead and say that the flip side to taking my ponytail out meant that I’d put the rubber band on my wrist. There was also a second one on my other wrist, and I forgot to take them off when being photographed. Oops. So if you see those goofy plastic bands, just know that was an error on my part. They should’ve been off. Sigh.

A pause for more nature photography:

Then we resumed:

Oh, how I love posing next to flowers! πŸ™‚

On the way back, there was this awesome overhead bridge we crossed to get to the right side of the track, and so we (Orchid, her Mom and I) took photos on the bridge. The lighting wasn’t very good, but we got some good shots of the rails and overall station platform:

And that concludes our latest adventure! Weekly Wonder will be next, so stick around for more of that coming soon! πŸ™‚


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