AwtB #7: Fun In The Sun


Wren here again! Yes, you guessed it: more sunshine = more energy for me. Much to Orchid’s dismay, but it can’t be helped now, can it? πŸ˜‰

And, yes, throughout this post you will be seeing sneak peeks of the next OOAK items for sale,Β for us mini dolls (posts about those coming up later today). HUZZAH!

Yesterday I went outside with my sisters, Fionnuala and Caoimhe, to explore the back porch. The sunshine and lighting was just FANTASTIC, with tons of beautiful scenery:

The leaves above made nice shadow patterns on the chairs:

I’m especially proud of this photo:

And this one:

The sun was scorching hot, but we managed to stay in the shade… most of the time. We hopped onto one of the chairs and danced around as the flickering leaf shadows cast different patterns over us.

“You feeling alright?” Caoimhe asked me, when she turned around and saw what I was wearing.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine,” I replied. I know, I must’ve looked ridiculously funny wearing a raincoat, semi-long skirt and ballet slippers in the middle of summer. But did it really matter? Besides, I like my new skirt. πŸ™‚

Thanks to Caoimhe, though, I’d forgotten to grab some sunscreen. So back indoors I went. When I returned, Fionnuala had joined the outdoor party, chatting eagerly with Caoimhe. She waved when she saw me.

I thought my sister looked really photogenic at that moment, so she gave me the camera to take her portrait:

Caoimhe, meanwhile, had started walking along the ledge. I called out to her to be careful, but I doubt she heard it. She was way too busy studying the leaves:

After a mo, Fionnuala joined her, leaving me to fiddle around with the camera.

“Come on, Wren!” she called. “It’s nice up here! You haven’t let us take pictures of you yet!”

So I complied… a little reluctantly at first, though it turned out to be fun…

…until I toppled over right after that photo was taken. Ever the graceful one. πŸ˜›

I could see why Caoimhe was so interested in the leaves. Personally I’m terrible at naming plant species, but it was still fun to look at.

Thankfully I didn’t topple over this time.

When we were done taking “adventure photographs,” we met back at the porch table and I called Orchid out to take our family portrait. Yet another one, I know, but as I always tell my sisters, “You’ll thank me in a decade for capturing this togetherness.” They don’t always believe me. Oh well. They’ll understand when they’re older. πŸ˜‰

Oh, fun fact: it took us forever to finally get to the point where we were all looking at the camera. I’m serious. Either the wind was too strong (which it was, for us), a little bird was flying up above and distracted us, or Fionnuala had to run back in and grab a box of tissues because of her allergies. At last, we FINALLY got a decent selection of photos for our family album. sigh of relief



And lil’ me!

Then it was Caoimhe’s turn to do some modeling for our store of handmade outfits. I’ve been conspicuously silent about that so far, but I’ll say it now: if you look closely, you’ll see that we’re wearing at least two new releases to the CB online store: my skirt (which will be up for sale by tomorrow, Orchid says), and Caoimhe’s t-shirt, which is like mine but in a different color. NEW COLOR VARIATIONS ARE COMING OUT, AND I’M EXCITED!

This time it was Caoimhe’s turn–you can see how those pics turned out in the next post. Though there will be more outfits for Nuala and I to model soon! Yay! (Nuala is Fionnuala’s nickname, by the way. Pronounced “noo-la.”)

Us behind the scenes, coaching Caoimhe on how to model:

Somehow or other, at that point Nuala’s allergies got to me, and I started sneezing up a storm. So I went back inside while Orchid snapped the last photo of the day’s adventures, with Caoimhe and Nuala:

A few hours later, when it was starting to get dark, I stepped outside and took this photo:

And that’s it! Wow, this post is picture-heavy. Hadn’t meant it to be that way, but hey, that happens a lot. πŸ™‚

Time for me to go now and model more outfits. Orchid’s crocheting super-fast today, and I gotta hurry to keep up with all the stuff she’s making.



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