AwtB #8: Wren At The Train Station

People! Hello! Wren here, yet again, all ready to start a new month of adventure-awesomeness! So recently I went on an adventure to the train station with Orchid and her Mom, which was awesome. It was kind of more of a photo shoot, but I had fun all the same. 🙂

This AwtB might be kinda short, but I promise you, THERE’S LOTS OF EXCITING POSTS ON THE WAY, AND EQUALLY EXCITING NEWS!!!

Well, as it happened, we found a nice bench in front of a café, next to an equally nice table. Which gave me the chance to pose up there with the café sign in the background:

Then there was this ledge, and Orchid and I spent lots of time giggling and taking photos, as I looked like a historical character waiting for someone special to return…

The bench also had a nice background:

Then we noticed that the pattern on the table had the same nice effect, so I tried photographing some of it:

I just love my bag, it’s SO CUTE.

Continuing with the endless waiting, and yearning… 😛

“Where is my true love…?” Oh, ick, this is way too mushy. Scratch that. “WHERE ON EARTH IS THE TRAIN?!?”

Oh well, guess it’s coming soon? Time to go back in the shade?

Reunited with my handbag, at last! That’s something to be very happy about, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Orchid had tried to work on a project, but she realized some of the yarn was caught on the zipper of her bag, so she pulled out the rest… and then it seemed kinda small, so she looked in the bag and pulled out more… and more…

How she crammed all that yarn in the front of her tiny shoulder bag, the world may never know. And how it unraveled and got so tangled, the world may also never know.

To conclude today’s AwtB, the camera accidentally switched to selfie mode, and took a picture of the overhanging umbrella-like structure over the table:

Credit goes to Orchid’s Mom for taking it. 😀

And that is all for today, folks! Orchid has some kind of a plan going on for the Blog, but I’m not exactly sure what it is. Ah well. Time to find out, eh?



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