AwtB #9: The Magical Stitch Marker

It was a calm, peaceful morning. As the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, Mimi decided it was time to set out on an adventure of her own… with the little stitch marker in tow. She had acquired it from Orchid, who had found it during one of the yarnventuring outings. Now Mimi was having a wonderful time playing around with the little thing.

She practiced weaving in and out through the shadow patterns the overhanging leaves made on the chair. “Isn’t this fun, to dance around all day without a care in the world!” she said with glee.

A little while later, Mimi stopped to catch her breath. It was then that she heard a little sound up ahead, and turned to see one of her dear friends strolling along.

“Why, it’s Carissa! Hello there!” Mimi waved frantically to catch her friend’s attention. As she waved, the stitch marker bounced back and forth, its shimmery metal catching the sunlight.

Carissa beamed and waved back. “Hello, Mimi! How goes your day? Pray tell, what are you holding in your hand?”

Mimi lifted up the decorative item. “This is my new stitch marker, and I’m having loads of fun with it!”

“My, my, that is lovely!” said Carissa, as she leaned over to take a closer look. “And it’s a little sheep! Have you shown this to the others yet?”

“Not yet,” Mimi replied. “But I will soon!”

Just then, the two flower fairies heard the pit-pattering of soft footsteps, and another little friend appeared.

“Hello, Faye!” Mimi and Carissa chorused. “Come see what we have here!”

“Oooooooh,” said Faye, taking a step forward. “How pretty!”

She was so enamored by the little artifact, she asked Mimi to let her hold it for a moment.

Not far off, little Lorilla was basking in the sun, bringing along her favorite flower for a stroll.

The closer she walked toward the chair, the more she heard excited little voice chattering. “Hey, what’s going on over there?” she called.

Soon she too was in the midst of gazing at Mimi’s very popular prize accessory:

A few moments later, the little group was joined by yet more friends: Eolande and Gelsey.

The two of them weren’t seen at first, but then Lorilla saw them and called them to join in on the fun.

And, not long after, they were joined by Shaylee and Tillie. Poor Mimi was overwhelmed by all the attention!

Of course, Gelsey had to pause for a quick photo:

Then she resumed her inquisitive escapade, as her curiosity increased a thousandfold.

The more intrigued everyone was by Mimi’s stitch marker, the closer the group gathered.

Shaylee, who was feeling a little hot and bothered, stepped outside of the group for a minute to regain her composure.

When all the excitement had settled down, the eight friends gathered around for a group photo, as the sun continued to shine down on the little party. (Luckily most of them had their little hats to shade them from the sweltering heat!)

“Oi!” Tillie suddenly called. “Who goes there?”

“I’ve come to deliver a message,” Grace explained, walking in view of the camera. “Orchid wants you all to come indoors and have some ice cream!”

At first Grace couldn’t understand why the little fairies were giggling. Then she turned around… and almost bumped headfirst into Carter, who was standing right behind her.

“Carter!” Grace exclaimed, so loudly that the little fox fell over!

“Oh, Carter…” the little flower people groaned. “You okay, buddy?” Grace whispered. Eventually they all teamed up and carried Carter back inside, where everyone enjoyed a delicious tea with ice cream.


And so ends another Adventure! Hope you all enjoyed the little escapades of my tiny friends! Very soon it will be time for another Weekly Wonder post… stay tuned for that tomorrow! 🙂

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