AwtB #1: Carter & Mimi Take A Stroll

Huzzah! This is the first of many tales, highlighting Mimi and Carter’s adventures. Photos were taken before Wren’s arrival, so there’s a good chance she will be in the next adventure. This is also posted on the official Adventures with the Buddies page, so all future posts of this kind will have a collective area for their stories. 🙂


The afternoon was sunny and dry. Clouds scarcely lined the clear stretch of blue surrounding the sleepy town. From his perch on the windowsill, Carter could see leaves rustling in the branches nearby; the sound of bumblebees making their existence prominent in the flower bush far below; the scent of lawn cuttings from the house across drifting in through the open sill.

Nice day for a stroll, he thought. He turned away from the window and peered down at the group of closely-huddled flower fairies whispering and giggling. Maybe one of them would like to join me.

After a few moments of hesitation, he cleared his throat and called down upon the group:

“Hey down there! I’m going for a stroll outside. Anyone want to join me?”

The fairies, eyes wide and sparkling, politely shook their heads. “We’re too busy. You go have fun!” one of them called.

One little fairy, though, seemed unsure. “Well…” she began. “Well, maybe I could do with a walk.”

“YES!” Carter shouted. Then he turned pink. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, Mimi.”

“It’s fine.” She giggled. “See you outside then.”


“Hey Mimi, look over there! There’s a camera lens pointing at us.”

Mimi turned, a look of curiosity on her face. “Ooh, so there is! Hi there!”

“Can you take some pictures of us, please?” Carter asked.

And so it was done.

“Ooh, what’s that over there?”

“What’s what?” asked Mimi.

“I dunno, that… thing!” Carter pointed excitedly with his paw.

“Bother, it’s gone.”

“Is this what you saw?” Mimi asked, looking at a fallen bud. But Carter had already disappeared.

Oh well, thought Mimi. I’ll look around.

“There’s another one!” she cried, pointing excitedly.

“Carter? Carter, are you there? Oh dear, he’s gone. Well, thanks for photographing us! G’bye now!”

Part II coming soon!

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