CB Store Update!

Good morning world! Hope everyone’s weekend went well~
Today I’ll be giving a little snap-shot of a new product that will be out this Friday!

And not just any scarfs … Tube neck scarfs lovingly knitted by my grandmother.

There will be roughly 20 scarfs up for sale (including a scarf for a toddler and a headband) this Friday, and I can’t wait for everyone to see them!

We decided to name this line of scarfs “Grandma’s Love”, as a token to her kindness, and the love that she puts into all of her work.

My Grandma is a French-Canadian sweetheart who right now is suffering with chronic pain because of bunions. She had one surgery to try and correct it, but they did it wrong so she has so go back into surgery this august. But despite the pain she really loves to make things for others. For years she baked sour-cream cookies, which were a hit with all who got them. (Including bankers, relatives, desk clerks, anyone who was nice was graciously rewarded with grandma’s cookies.) Now, since it’s much harder for her to stand for long periods of time (because of the bunions), she bakes much less and knits much more. She loves giving out her scarfs to those close to her, and I hope you all will be able to see and feel the care and love she puts into each and every one of her scarfs~

This Friday, I’ll have the full catalog of the scarfs including their prices, individual pictures, and measurements for all to see!
Have a lovely week everyone! I’ll see you Friday!

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