Crochet T-Shirt For Mini Dolls

These OOAK t-shirts are made for dolls that are 6″ (15 cm) tall, such as American Girl, Götz, Our Generation, Lori and other mini doll brands. Crocheted with 100% acrylic yarn. Each t-shirt closes at the back with buttons. Handmade by Orchid in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. Doll, pants and shoes are not included.

There are currently four color and two size options available. The color combinations are: (1) Multi-color deep sea blue; (2) Magenta; (3) Multi-color soft blue, green and white; and (4) Ocean blue. The length options are Regular and Extended. The Extended offers a few extra rows of length for purposes of modesty, or to cover skirts or shorts that have a lower waist.

A comparison of the two t-shirt lengths of shown below, with the extended version in the middle of the two regulars:

Regular length t-shirts are $10 plus shipping; extended length t-shirts are $11 plus shipping.

To purchase the mini doll t-shirt, please contact Orchid through the contact form on the main page, and put “Mini Doll Outfit” as the Subject.

Option 1:

Front of shirt:

Back of shirt:

Edging on collar:

Top of shirt, lining, buttons (back view):

Option 2:

Option 3:

Option 4, Extended:

Comparison of Extended (left) and Regular (right) shirts:

*The t-shirts are technically one-of-a-kind for two main reasons: (1) no two shirts will be completely identical, just as no two crochet stitches will be the exact same (though they can get pretty close); and (2) from time to time I tend to vary the pattern a little, to create the most versatile item with different yarn textures and/or crochet hook sizes. Because of this, the pattern in this image may be different from the one that arrives–though they will look as similar as possible.

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