Crochet Updates, And Götz “Just Like Me” Dolls

Once again, I have some announcements to make–and a couple family members to introduce. Starting with the introductions, a few of the dolls have returned from “hibernation” (aka the time they were less active while I studied during the last academic year). They’re all in excellent shape; even wearing outfits I’d forgotten I’d made for them! Most of the ones out and about at the moment are the minis and smaller dolls… the 18″ dolls are yet to come out, with the exception of Emma.

Today’s post features recently-made items, worn by none other than two of the cutest dolls in the family… Hazel and Pippa!

Hazel – Götz Just Like Me Julia
Pippa – Götz Just Like Me Paula

These dolls are made by Götz, one of the leading German doll brands. Hazel and Pippa have been in the Crochet Buddies family for over five years–the other three girls (Willow, Blossom and Katinka) have been around for four years. These girls needed some air, so out they came! And don’t they look happy to be “alive” again. 🙂

Onto the next big announcement! As mentioned when my first knitted sweater was completed, I had no idea who it would fit, having no models at the time to try the outfit on. Well, guess what?! It FITS the Götz Just Like Me dolls! As a sweater (with the buttons in the back), the front part is a bit baggy, but overall a very cozy fit. As a cardigan (buttons in front), the sides are a bit snug, so this will probably remain a sweater for these girls. Now I can’t wait to see who else can wear it!

When Hazel and Pippa came back out, they were wearing dresses, so I had to make something for them to wear with the sweater, in order to photograph them. I winged it and decided to try designing some pants. I’d crocheted pants and shorts for these girls before, but forgot my original pattern, and didn’t have the same size crochet hook anyway. Thankfully, it worked!

Crochet drawstring pants for Götz Just Like Me doll

You may remember the yarn I used for these pants, posted about in the follow-up to the first yarnventuring episode. Look familiar?

Yep, the very yarn. Until now, all the yarn from that adventure has remained untouched. Figured it was time to start making something with it. 🙂

Here’s the back of the outfit (technically the front of the cardigan, though it fits better this way):

I have yet to find super tiny buttons to sew on… hm, time to go on another craft shop adventure? 😉

A closeup of the pants… the waist was just a tiny bit loose, and I was afraid it would fall off, so I used a piece of extra yarn and added drawstrings:

And a little closeup of the sleeve, because I’m amazed that it’s just the right length for these dolls:

It’s surprising how much difference there is in the time it took to make the sweater vs. the pants. Size-wise, they look like they’d take the same amount of time. However, the pants took about an hour, and the sweater, a week. (That could have been me procrastinating a little, though. 😛 )

I think Hazel likes her new outfit, and may have a hard time sharing with her sisters…

Here’s Hazel in her other dress, the one she’s been wearing:

Admittedly, I forgot I’d even made these dresses. It’s been so long. I think I made them for the girls 1 1/2-2 years ago, but can’t be sure. What I do know is, the particular yarns are dyed cotton (much more “raw” than those in local craft shops). They were a special gift from one of our friends at the Central PA Arts Festival, a couple years ago. 🙂

“Hazel, what do you think? We’re finally able to breathe properly again!”

“Why, yes we are! I’m very excited to see what Orchid makes for us next.”

It looks as though Pippa’s whispering an important secret to Hazel, who’s nodding placidly and murmuring, “Hm, hm, right, you don’t say…”

I have one more announcement… the drawstring pants were so much fun to make, I’m going to develop the pattern into a downloadable file, and sell it on the Crochet Buddies Online Store. Eventually the dress patterns and a few other doll outfit patterns will also be available to purchase and make in the comforts of your own home! What do you think?! 😀

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for lots more crochet and craft developments!

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