Debbie’s Chronicles: A Beginning

There is a page on Crochet Buddies called “Debbie’s Chronicles.” It’s been empty for a very long time, because the doll/narrator has been absent from CB everyday events. Now that’s about to change.

Who is Debbie? Doll-wise, she’s a Madame Alexander Singin’ in the Rain Debbie Reynolds Cissette doll, LE 400. Her original production date was in 2009, and she joined the Crochet Buddies family on August 31, 2012. Aside from a couple play scuffs and slightly messy hair bun, she’s stayed pretty intact over the last five years. I’ve managed to keep her original outfit together; the only thing “missing” is a little white scarf. In the photos below, the shirt was crocheted by me in 2012 or 2013. Everything else – pleated skirt, blue pumps, stockings – was what she originally came with (as you’ll see in the next Awtb post).

Every Wednesday, there will be a first-person entry by Debbie herself, highlighting things that often go unnoticed in everyday life. Her entries will mostly be about crafts, and finding innovative ways to turn the littlest odds and ends into something new.

Why Wednesday? Admittedly, that appears to be the least likely day new posts come up on this Blog. (Take a look at the calendar on the right… it’s a little too glaringly evident.)

So that’s what will be happening on future Wednesdays. Are you excited? 😀

Here’s a little sneak peek at the next AwtB post:

And, jfor reference, here is Debbie’s original knitted sweater (a lot less lopsided than the photo implies):

Stay tuned for more Madame Alexander craft posts, coming soon!

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