Debbie’s Chronicles: In Singapore, Part II

~Narrated by Debbie, a Madame Alexander Cissette doll~

Dear Blog,

The time has come for me to post another travelogue. I was absent last couple of weeks because, well, life and other things have been going on in the background. Orchid’s doing what she calls “cranking down” on her studying, and as such, the other dolls and I have been left on our own for awhile. Which is perfectly alright… we occupy ourselves with various things, such as walking around indoors to occupy our time. Which has actually given me a few moments to write about how things have been recently.

Following the last adventure, I was allowed to go out again and join Orchid on another outing. There was a shopping centre – Tangs – right behind the bus stop, downtown:

We waited for one of the buses to arrive, and I got the chance to see what was across the street as well.

Across the street, there were these funny, colorful statues on the steps of the Ion entrance. I don’t envy those statues… being stuck in one position for what must be forever doesn’t look very comfortable. Though they did seem to be enjoying themselves…

From several meters away, I almost wanted to burst into a jig myself!

And that concludes this week’s Chronicle. I’ll try to post more regularly… though, as I said before, things have gotten very busy (I think for the next few weeks as well, with the holidays coming up). It’s so much fun being able to write… I hope I’ll be able to do so more often.

With love,


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