Debbie’s Chronicles: In Singapore

~Narrated by Debbie, a Madame Alexander doll~

Dear Blog,

Today marks the start of my first narrative of our travels. It may take some practice to get this narrating just right, but I’ll do my best.

I’m Debbie, a Madame Alexander Singin’ in the Rain Debbie Reynolds Cissette doll. (That’s a mouthful.) I was “manufactured” in 2009, and came to live with Orchid and her family in 2012. I’ve had many adventures over the years, but have kind of been in the background as of late. Not that I should complain or anything, because a lot has been going on… all the same, there’s that adventurous part of me (kind of like Wren) that wants to BE out there in the midst of it all.

Ever since we arrived in Singapore, I haven’t had the chance to come out and get some fresh air. Being indoors all the time means having limited “social interaction” with the world, except for frequent conversations with Ruby and Wren. (While I enjoy their company, we often get on each others’ nerves.) As for Mimi, she is always running around in Orchid’s shoulder bag. Being the smallest of the group, she gets to go everywhere without constantly worrying whether or not her hair gets messy, or if she looks “presentable” on camera.

Yesterday, however, was different. I got to join her and Orchid on an adventure.

The first thing Orchid said yesterday afternoon was, “Alright, Debbie, time to make you a dress.” That wasn’t technically the way it turned out… I think Orchid kept getting frustrated that the material was too thick and bulky, so in the end it became a short-sleeve shirt. All in all, though, the top turned out alright. It’s wearable, and comfy, which is more than enough.

I didn’t realize we were up so high above the ground. There was construction going on down below, and cars gliding over the roads. People always rush and don’t realize it. I saw my reflection in the mirror, and admired the new top. This one has buttonholes (though still lacking buttons… those will have to be sewn on later). I’ve only had two shirts made since arrival: the one I came with (as part of the Singin’ in the Rain ensemble), and a chiffon-like shirt from four years ago. So I am really glad Orchid gave me a brand new “look.” 🙂

Looking around at the scenery, I felt ready to explore the Great Outdoors.

Our first destination was Tanglin Mall. According to Orchid, they redecorated the entrance with a Christmas tree and ornaments a couple weeks ago. There’s still two months to go, but it’s nice to see all the festivities in place for the “wintertime.”

When we left Tanglin Mall, the (early) Christmas atmosphere was still around. There weren’t very many people along the walkways.

We crossed the street and stopped under a tree. I spotted a few shimmering ornaments, and pointed them out.

(The “I was here” photo…)

I stood on the sidewalk, wondering where we would go next.

Our next stop was through the walkway at Metro. There were signs, shops and lots of beauty products on sale. Standing on the ledge felt like almost being in scale with everything.

At the end of the walkway, we reached Orchard Central. It’s a very big building and has quite a few tourist attractions. (We were rushing then, and didn’t have time to take any photos on the runway or by the fountain… maybe next time.)

Then we went to Raffles City. Orchid and I sat in front of the fountain, and watched the water leap up in various patterns.

It was a fun experience; one I’ll never forget. I hope I get the chance to go out again on another adventure. It’s been a long time since I was in Singapore. Maybe I’ll go out again next week. 🙂

With love,


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