Questions Regarding Crochet:

1. Is crochet hard?

Well, it depends on the person learning, and how strongly you feel motivated to learn. Not everyone will be used to crochet at first, but it’s completely worthwhile once you get the hang of it. Once you master the basics of crochet, the rest is all pretty easy.

2. How do I start?

First, you’ll need some supplies. This includes at least one crochet hook, some yarn, stitch markers or stitch holders (those can come a little later, if you’re working in the round), a sewing kit, and some extra accessories such as buttons or beads to add to your finished project(s). If you don’t have these at the moment, go to your local craft store. It’s best to start out with a 4.5 mm or 5.00 mm crochet hook, as those sizes are neither too big nor too small. The yarn you choose must not be too rough or inconsistent at first, or it’ll hurt your fingers after awhile. Also, make sure the yarn is the right texture, so that it’ll be easier to use with your crochet hook. (There’s an abundance of resources online dedicated to finding the right yarn-hook combination, and gauging one’s crochet tension. We’ll be gathering some ideal websites for you to look at in the near future.)

3. Now I know how to crochet. What do I do?

Just like any other art, crochet is based on creativity. You can make anything you like or feel like making with a crochet hook, yarn and lots of imagination. Here are some ideas:

  • You can design a scenery or landscape with different-colored yarn. It’s not as hard as it sounds… start with solid, preferably earth-tone colors for the base (it can be one or many textures as well), and add flowers, leaves, etc. by sewing on separate crocheted items, or embroidering them directly onto the landscape.
  • Try crocheting a quilt or blanket. There are some really useful stitch patterns out there that go along hand in hand with quilt-making, most notably granny squares. It may take some time to get everything together, let-alone make and assemble it all, but in the end, you’ll have created a masterpiece.

4. Where do I find high-quality yarn?

We’re in the midst of devising a personalized list of some of our top yarn companies. If you are looking for 100% wool or cotton yarn, it will likely be more expensive, but the result is wonderful, and the texture is lovely.

5. What yarn works best for what patterns?

For projects requiring lacy detailed designs, it’s best to use thin, lightweight yarn and, if you can, a small crochet hook (smaller than the one you could normally use). For projects that are larger, such as sweaters or quilts, for a thick, textured effect, you may want to use much thicker yarn with more ply. Using a larger crochet hook is optional. (Meaning: Smaller hooks used for crocheting with bulkier yarn will produce a much denser piece with smaller stitches, which is more insulated than using a larger hook.)

More FAQs coming soon!