Forums, And Holiday Posts

It’s that time of year!

Before I begin singing a jolly ol’ tune of the holidays, it’s time to share some new Crochet Buddies endeavors. Or, to be more precise, some not-so-directly-crochet-related endeavors.

I’ve been adding a couple of new Forum topics recently. Activity on there has been… a little low. (Though I haven’t really told folks that there is a Forum to post on. Oops.) Let me know what you think of the new topics!

Regarding membership and so on… if you’d like to become a member, go right ahead! You can register through the Forum itself, completely free of charge (there are no forum member fees or anything or the sort – simply register and start posting). You will have to be 13 or above, or have parents’ permission, for purposes of responsibility. Now, if possible, once you’ve registered please send me a message via the contact form at the bottom of the home page, so I don’t mistake your registration for spam. Once you’re an official member, feel free to introduce yourself, and post away! I’ll always make sure posts, topics, etc. on the Forum are appropriate and relevant to craft discussion.

Now for the other bit of news:

I want to make this site and blog more accessible; something that I know is here now, but could be improved. Which is to say, I’ll be working on the layout of CB, to see if it can be visually enhanced. I’m bringing this up so you as a reader and viewer of the site will know in advance. Please don’t panic if Crochet Buddies looks totally different tomorrow or the day after. That’s just me looking for a more direct way to reach other crafters out there, by experimenting with different layouts and stuff.

This doesn’t mean you should stay away from the site… you can help by providing feedback! If there are any aspect(s) of the site or blog you would like changed or put on a different part of the page, I’d be more than happy to hear your recommendations. I won’t be making any changes to the Online Store, as the layout for that site is fine the way it is (I think the only modifications will be adding and removing items on the site itself). That said, any suggestions for this site are welcome!

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