Introductions (Part I)

Well, this is a little late in coming. I hadn’t anticipated the progress of this blog (and site overall) to be so delayed, but life, projects, and numerous other things intervened. It is great to be back, though, and now that we’re here “to stay” (at least until the Next Big Thing, aka Project, comes along), it’s time for a proper introduction.

All of which is to say: Hi. I’m Orchid. I’ve been crocheting for over four years, and am thoroughly enjoying every moment of it.

It all started in the summer of 2011, during a sale at a local bookstore. Back when I hadn’t the faintest idea what crochet really was. One book stood out in particular, among numerous others of interest that day. It was a book on amigurumi; the famous crochet style used to create wonderful, whimsical little characters and toys, as well as other designs developed from the style (the term is Japanese for “knitted toy”). The sight of a gorgeous crochet dragon appealed to me at once, so the book came home. It was then that I finally realized I couldn’t understand a word of the instructions. All the bewildering terms–“sc,” “dc,” “inc,” etc.–made no sense whatsoever. So, after having tried to decipher it many times, in vain, the book went away to the back of a shelf.

And there it stayed, until a year later, when I rediscovered it, went online, found a few immensely helpful–and fascinating–videos on YouTube, and never stopped crocheting since.

My first attempt at beginning a project was rather interesting. Having been too impatient to start with an actual aluminum crochet hook, I fashioned my own kind of hook: by taking the inkwell out of a pen, and sticking a flat curved wire through it (the kind that can be found pretty much anywhere). Surprisingly enough, it actually worked, for about five rows; then the “real” hook was purchased, and that escapade came to an end.

Henceforth, a gazillion new designs were tried and created, patterns experimented with, and gifts given to every imaginable acquaintance (or anyone I happened to meet at any given place). Nowadays, I try out every “doable” pattern I come across; it’s an opportunity to expand , to be challenged, and pursue something that is both a skill and a joy to do. It’s been also such an amazing experience teaching others how to crochet; watching them enjoy the process, realizing they don’t have to be “old grannies” to learn, understand and appreciate the skill and techniques involved. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at the latest completed project, and thought, “Did I really make this?” It’s the wonderful, palpable energy that emerges from such an endeavor. Crochet is also a very therapeutic process. It teaches one patience, practice, and the art of improvisation, along with learning to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

And it’s this very spark of curiosity and intrigue that started this site. So without further ado, I warmly welcome all of you to Crochet Buddies. I look forward to getting to know you all, sharing and learning from the folks who visit this site. And I’m sure the other Buddies can’t wait to meet everyone as well.

That’s all for now. Until next time!


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