Knitting Progress Report: Sweater Complete!

AT LONG LAST, THE SWEATER IS DONE. Technically, it could have been done a couple days ago… but after the collar and sleeves, I had to tear out 5 rows on the main piece because I’d forgotten to knit the buttonband edging on both sides. Then after binding off, I’d forgotten to add the last buttonhole, and the sweater looked too short anyway. So out came another 5 rows, thanks to my clumsiness. Grrr. (Doesn’t sound like much, but each row is just about 100 sts.)

Once those last 5 rows were out, I figured I may as well knit a few extras rows to give the sweater a more well-rounded look. It could have looked nice as a bolero, if it was too short, but then again it looked just as nice being a bit longer and cozier. The finished project came to be 57 rows, ten extra than the pattern (primarily because I used much thinner thread and tinier knitting needles). Six (nonconsecutive) days and 52 dropped stitches later, it was complete. deep sigh of relief

Oh, one thing I forgot to add before… this is actually a cardigan pattern. I’ve been calling it a sweater because it could function as both (depending on whether the buttons are in front or in back).

As for the pattern itself, I really enjoyed working on it. Cindy Rice Designs, the pattern creator, explains things succinctly with lots of visual examples, and her instructions are easy and fun to follow. Also, this particular design is worked all in one piece, leaving only the sleeves to be sewn up at the end. No bits and pieces to have to assemble. It’s literally all in one go. Nice. 🙂

These photos were taken before I sewed up the sleeve seams. Now all that’s left is finding super tiny buttons, and trying the sweater on a doll. Okay, so it’s technically not all finished yet, but the main components are done! So there’s that. Oh, and before you ask: no, this product is not for sale. In fact, I plan to show this to my grandchildren someday, many decades from now (provided I survive university first). 😉

This has been a fun adventure, my friends. The sweater was a lot of fun to work on, and now I can proudly say that it’s my first ever completed sweater project. In the near future, though, I’ll leave these projects to the experts, and focus on studying, or crocheting. I hope this has inspired you in some way to take on a creative project of your own. Let me know what you think! 😀

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