Monthly Recap, July 2017

We did it! We “survived” another active month of blogging, publishing at least one post a day! That was the goal for this month… though an exhausting one, at that. In future I suppose the posting will be a little less frequent, to give everyone a sanity break. πŸ˜›

Before we begin, I have a very new, exciting announcement. You may have noticed that along the right sidebar of this Blog, there are a few new fancy widgets. I’ve created direct links to the TAODC series, and Olive’s Book Writing Advice Series. AND… you can now follow us via email! How cool is that?! Just enter your name and email, click “Join,” and you’ll be notified when new posts and CB store updates are published! HUZZAH! πŸ˜€

Now, without further ado, here is a recap of all the posts that have been published this month. Most of the series below are new, and still ongoing.

We’ve written advice on how to participate in Arts Festivals

T&A #2: To Arts Fest, Or Not To Arts Fest?

T&A #3: Arts Festival Prep And Organization

Olive has begun an intriguing new series for novelists and authors, regularly posted every Friday:

Writing Advice – Prequel or not to Prequel?

Writing Advice – Book Writing Basics 1

Writing Advice – Book Writing Basics 2

I’ve started giving advice to doll collectors of all ages, on various topics:

The Art Of Doll Collecting: Part I

Should Age Define Creativity? TAODC, Part II

Choosing The Right Doll: TAODC, Part III

And, a random post about crochet productivity:

What To Do When You Have Crochet Cabin Fever

We’ve been on craft and other adventures:

Craftventuring, Episode 1

A Walk Through Target – Lori Dolls And More

There have been numerous CB store updates, including a very recent addition to the CB online store: “Grandma’s Love” Scarves! Knitted with love by Olive’s grandmother. (Click here to read more on the respective store page, and to order a scarf.)

CB Store Update!

Available to buy! “Grandma’s Love” Scarves!

An Arts Festival series has begun, documenting trips to various festivals and craft fairs:

And So It Begins…

2017 Arts Festival Update: Thursday

A special introduction has taken place:

Gracie’s Introduction

Adventures with the Buddies is still going strong, every Saturday:

AwtB #8: Wren At The Train Station

AwtB #9: The Magical Stitch Marker

AwtB #10: Wren Out And About

Reminiscing: An Unofficial 11th AwtB

AwtB #12: Winifred’s Exploration

The Weekly Wonder series is also very busy, every Sunday:

Weekly Wonder, The Seventh (featuring Olive)

Weekly Wonder, The Eighth

Weekly Wonder, The Ninth

Weekly Wonder, The Tenth

Weekly Wonder, The Eleventh

And a couple other awesome posts have been published over the course of this month:

Happy 4th Of July!

Flowers Galore

A Pocketful Of Mimi

A Little Comparison

Downtown Philadelphia, walking toward Center City

All in all, a lot has been accomplished. The full in-depth Arts Festival posts, exclusive interviews with vendors, and all related posts, are still to come. May August bring an awesome abundance of new posts, activities, ideas, advice, and much, much more. May it also bring tons of productivity and adventure to your craft journey. See you next month! πŸ™‚

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