Monthly Recap, June 2017

Hello folks! I think it’s time to start an end-of-the-month trend. This is basically a summary of all the posts that have been published in the past month. This may also be helpful for those who are new here (hi!) or maybe haven’t visited the Blog in a while.

First, an update on the coming month: starting Monday (July 3rd), I’ll be writing a few posts regarding participation in summer Arts Festivals. I chose not to attend the main one this year, to have room for other travels. With that in mind, I’ll do my best to “coach” those who are participating at a craft event or are considering doing so. Although my knee-jerk reaction is “DO IT,” there’s quite a lot to keep in mind before jumping headlong into one event, let alone a few. So there’s that! New kinds of posts coming in the near future!

Ooh, and congratulations to Victor Hugo for completing his classic masterpiece, Les Misérables, on this day in 1862. huge round of applause

Okay, now for the monthly recap!

Going back to updates, this month I’ve posted a couple updates about items, plans; made a few alterations; added new kinds of posts, etc. etc. Admittedly, even I can’t catch up at times. So here’s the list of this month’s updates, to (hopefully) keep everything in order:

A Few Updates For June

Recent Crochet Endeavors: An Update

There have been CB Store Updates, with tons of new items featured for sale alongside those already in the store:

CB Store Update: Crochet Skirt For Mini Dolls

CB Store Update: More T-Shirts & Dresses For Mini Dolls

CB Store Update: Outfit Sets For Mini Dolls

The first two ‘installments’ of a series of Crochet Lessons is underway:

Crochet, Lesson 1: The Basics

Crochet, Lesson 2: Single Crochet

An essay-long post with insight on crochet and modernity has been established:

Crocheting In A World Of Modernity: Part I

There have been introductions for Jessie and Emma, and some special photography profiling of Fionnuala:

A Closeup Of Fionnuala (Lori Doll Malory From OG)

Jessie’s Introduction

Emma And Her Dress

The T&A (Tips & Advice) section is officially a “thing” here on the Blog… a little less frequent than some of the other posts, but still really cool:

T&A #1: Falling Out Of Sync, And How Not To

The AwtB (Adventures with the Buddies) posts have been very awesome… especially since they’re from Wren’s POV. They will continue to be posted every Saturday:

AwtB #4: Wren With Her Hair Down

Never tired of flowers, eh Wren?

AwtB #5: Wren, Her Fishtail Braid And More Outings

AwtB #6: Wren’s Historical Adventure

AwtB #7: Fun In The Sun

To end each weekend, on Sundays there are Weekly Wonder posts, which have also been frequent this last month. Here are the most recent ones:

Weekly Wonder, The Third

Weekly Wonder, The Fourth

Weekly Wonder, The Fifth

Weekly Wonder, The Sixth

Crochet Buddies has made a special appearance on Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog. Once again, thank you, Karen, for making it possible!! 😀

We’ve put together a list of Top 10 Crochet Patterns For Father’s Day

I’ve had the privilege of featuring a special letter by my best friend, Olive, about the site and things:

On The Topic Of Friendship, And Awesomeness

And we’ve encountered fabulous yarn places:

Yarnventuring, Episode 1

A Follow-Up On Yarnventuring, E1

(The follow-up post above has lots of appearances by Carter and Mimi… just saying. 😉 )

All in all, a lot has been accomplished this month! I’d thought there would be days with hardly anything to post about, and there have been, but thankfully not very often. I’m thrilled to be able to share snippets of this craft journey with you, Dear Reader. I hope it is as fulfilling for you to read these as it is for me to write the posts. It’s something I never ever want to end.

Here’s to an amazing month of July, folks, and many more crafting months to come!~


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