Hey all! I’m Olive, and this is the page where you’ll get to know a little about me and who I am~ I am Orchid’s best friend and very  proud to be a part of this fabulous project! (And did I mention I’m human? That seems important.) My posts will range from DIY projects, to picture posts of the glimmers of wonder I see around me as I go through my days, to anything Orchid wants my input on! Like Orchid, I am currently home-schooled and slowly but surely working my way to college. (Where I’d like to Major in Psychology.)
As for Hobbies, I have quite a few! I am in my sixth year of playing piano, and I love everything to do with the arts! I dabble in drawing (and I’ve just started to work a bit more with digital drawing), and while I’m not great at it, I love to sing and I tend to sing whenever I get a chance! I’m also working on a trilogy novel series, The Song of the Midnight Flower, which is constantly being inspired by everything around me. I can’t wait to meet you, and share my creative visions with you guys!