Greetings and Salutations! I’m Orchid, the one technically “in charge” of Crochet Buddies. I designed and currently run the site, post a lot of the content, and make some of the items featured in the Online Store, with the exception of a few lovingly crafted items made by friends and family. I live to learn, travel and work on handmade projects. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life; right now I’m in the midst of Law studies, and traveling with my family. Some of my favorite hobbies and pastimes include reading, writing (poetry and prose), playing the piano and harp, and clogging. My main overarching goal in the near future is to get into medical school, and become a physician. While still a ways away, it’s one of the huge factors that compelled me to start Crochet Buddies in the first place.

As detached as those two fields may appear, crochet is, in my opinion, not dissimilar to medicine. Both require patience, diligence, skill and compassion. Right now I’m at that point in life where so many things are haphazardly coming together–transitioning into adulthood, for instance, and all the responsibilities that entail. Now that Crochet Buddies has become a brilliant reality (and much, much more incredible than I imagined), I’m going to do my absolute best to keep it going. This place feels like a comfort zone; a haven of sanity, where I can be away from all the uncertainty and just live.

The Crochet Buddies Online Store is one of the ways I’m attempting to gather funds for university tuition. You’re welcome to go there and take a look at the items for sale. I love how running the store is a way of being self-reliant to earn some money for the future, and to pursue what my friends and I love: studying, writing and crafting.

Now, regarding the other Buddies… I’m not the only human being behind this site. Indeed, you will see special posts by my close friends, Olive and Yvonne, and occasionally my family, to share even more awesomeness and to show that this place is alive with creativity. The humans of this site are, essentially, The Buddies. (You may notice that in my older Blog posts, the Buddies referred to the characters that modeled my outfits and whose personalities I continue to build every day; I hope this doesn’t confuse too many people.) Over time, I’m hoping to gather together a nice, friendly community of fellow crafters who will also take part in this lovely experience.

It has been my ultimate ambition to start my own site and blog, sharing as many aspects of life and creativity with as many people as possible. I can’t foresee what will happen with Crochet Buddies in the future, as academia may take full dominance in life very soon. Nevertheless, this site will remain a community, and a place you can safely and surely enjoy. I hope you have a lovely time visiting this site, and participate in some of the numerous discussions, and other events here.

Please check out the profiles of my friends, the other Buddies! Their stories are wonderfully amazing and inspiring. 🙂

Until next time!~