Our Generation Mini Dolls: A Photo Shoot

Happy Friday, everyone! To celebrate the coming of the weekend, we decided to have a photo shoot! The mini dolls–Wren, Caoimhe and Fionnuala–were super excited to be featured, and wholeheartedly agreed to pose outside.

Quick disclaimer: I was playing around with watermarks a bit, so that’s why they’re sometimes in different corners of the photo. πŸ™‚ Also, scroll down to the bottom of the post for more info about the dolls and their attire.

We started off with Fionnuala, who was (just a tad?) excited to be modeling, and took a tentative step into the outdoors:

Caoimhe was next. She’s been wearing this dress for awhile, and I think she likes it? A little bit, at least? πŸ˜‰

Perhaps she was trying to reach for the nearby leaf, but that didn’t go very far…. Oh well!

Oh, and a patch of moss on the ledge, ’cause why not:

Last but not least, Wren appeared in her dazzling dress and sparkly golden shoes Caoimhe had lent her:

This time around, Wren agreed to let me try styling her hair in a Juliet ponytail. Apart from a few flyaway strands, it actually turned out well! At the very least, it’s a hairstyle she’ll be keeping for a while. πŸ™‚

The girls insisted they pose together for some photos, but Caoimhe had to run inside for a minute. So Wren and Fionnnuala waited patiently… until, that is, Fionnuala got tired and started leaning on Wren.

“Uh… okay,” said Wren.

“Okay, I’m back, I’m back!” Caoimhe exclaimed, darting back outside to see Fionnuala’s weary expression. “Oh goodness, are you okay, Fionnuala?”

She and Wren looked deeply concerned.

“I’m fine, I’m fine,” Fionnuala replied. “Just a bit under the weather. Anyway! Is there anything we should be doing, now that we’re outside?”

“I don’t really know,” Wren answered. “What should we do now? Any ideas, Caoimhe?”

“Not one,” said Caoimhe. “But I just like being out here, so there!”

“Uh, very well then,” said Wren, resisting the urge to scratch her head in bewilderment. “Let’s… pose for more photos, I guess?”

“Yeah, let’s!”

So they posed for a few family portraits:

“Psst, Caoimhe,” whispered Wren. “You gotta put your arm down for a second, it’s blocking your face.”

“Pardon? Oh yeah! Sorry.”

The girls also had a photo taken of their hairstyles:

And shoes, because it just seemed appropriate for the occasion:

“Gah, it’s getting cloudier,” Fionnuala said. “Time to head indoors!”

“Alright then,” her sisters chorused. “Goodbye for now! Thanks for photographing us!”

“Uh… psst, Wren, you said to leave my arm down. Should I wave now?”


“Okay, okay! Where’s the camera again?”

“Hey guys, let’s do one more group hug, like last time,” said Fionnuala.

And so they did. πŸ™‚

Some things to perhaps note: Wren is an Our Generation Mini Lana doll; Fionnuala and Caoimhe are Lori dolls (Malory and Adina, respectively), from OG. Wren and Caoimhe’s dresses are crocheted by me (Orchid), and are available at our store. Fionnuala is wearing Wren’s original outfit. The shoes came with the dolls, but were changed around for purposes of color coordination during this photo session. All photos were taken outside, on a little concrete ledge. (My camera is still out of order, so in the meantime the image quality above will have to do!)

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