Ruby’s Crochet Outfit

We all heal in different ways. Sometimes it helps being with other people. Other times, being alone, away from all the noise and distraction, lets one have the time to think and reflect.

It’s been almost eleven days since my grandmother passed away. Things are starting to return to normal – whatever that is, or was, in the first place – but it will still take time. When you’re young, you don’t realize how much work and stress go into planning everything, before and after. All the adults work through it; it’s your job to sit and observe, and stay out of everyone’s way. Years later, when you’re on the way to becoming an adult, you start noticing just how much people endure; despite the internal pain, they have to take a deep breath and move on, and try their hardest to adjust to things “the way they were.” I’m still working on that.

Crocheting helps me move on. It isn’t just therapeutic; it allows me to have genuine healing time. I’m at the point where it’s easier to make more projects and have personal connections with them, so I figured it would be nice to make something for Ruby. Grandma taught me the very basics of crochet, several years ago. She made outfits and special things for my mom, when she was growing up. In this manner, my memories of Grandma still live on. Now, more than ever, it’s time to give back.

As a huge thank you to Ruby (who’s been with us throughout this entire journey), I crocheted a couple new additions to her wardrobe. The first is a teal-and-dark-blue pinafore.

I had intended for this to be a dress, but realized later that the armholes were way too big. So now it’s a pinafore, with room for a t-shirt or dress to fit underneath.

I used two different color yarns: one as the main color of the pinafore, and the other to line the collar, waistline, hem and back edging, for an elegant overall look. The materials are 100% cotton.

Here’s the pinafore by itself:

The hem and edges at the back are crocheted with shell stitch:

Below, you can see the pinafore over another dress. (Her squirrel dress and pink shoes are made by Team Bamboletta, as is Ruby herself.)

Now for the second part of Ruby’s outfit, also a new addition to her wardrobe: a crochet cardigan.

As you can see, the shoulder area is a bit bulky. When I was working on the pattern, I had forgotten that Ruby’s arms, for the most part, point upward, whereas other dolls I’ve crocheted cardigans for have arms that point downward, or are jointed. (Lots of these designs are variations of patterns I’ve made in the past, for different dolls; nowadays I just follow them by memory.) However, I think the extra space is perfect for accommodating bulk from the tops of sleeves or other garments underneath. So it all works out. ๐Ÿ™‚ (As a side note, Ruby isn’t wearing her squirrel dress in the photos below; just the pinafore and cardigan.)

Here is how the cardigan started. First, it was a t-shirt (the pictures below show the back, as the t-shirts I normally crochet all have buttons in the back):

And the “front”:

Then I thought it would be cool to add sleeves. Cardigans have buttons in the front, so all I had to do was turn the project around, and it transformed into a cardigan.

There aren’t any buttons yet, as I’ve yet to find a set in the right color (preferably light or dark blue – multicolor would be nice).

The cardigan is made with the same yarn as the CC (contrasting color) of the pinafore. I think the two pieces compliment each other well.

I’ve finished writing the pattern for the pinafore, and look forward to sharing it in the next post: the 100th official Crochet Buddies Blog post. As for the cardigan pattern, once it is more perfected, I will also feature it on this Blog.

Ruby hasn’t had the chance to wear the ensemble outside much… if she did, her cardigan might clash with the heat and humidity. (It’s perpetually hot and monsoon-y in Singapore, especially during this time of year.) That said, it helps keep her warm inside, if the air conditioner gets too cold.

I guess that’s all for now. It’s nice to be able to blog about all this and share it with others. If you’ve ever gone through something… if someone you love has passed, or something has left you empty and sad… it helps to write. Give it a try. ๐Ÿ™‚

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