So… What “Inspires” You?

Bonjour mes amis! Yvonne here.

I have always loved that scene in All Creatures Great and Small when Herriot delivers a calf at the Dinsdales’ farm. He writes:

“I grinned. This was the bit I liked. The little miracle … [I]t was something that would never grow stale no matter how much I saw it.”

The magic of Herriot is his ability to find poignancy in everyday situations. To another veterinarian, this might’ve been just another calving. To Herriot, it is a moment worth sharing.

Though it can look different for all of us, I believe this is the kind of moment we wait for in life. We all want to feel moved, and then to use that to create something meaningful.

As a “sketcher,” I see the world differently; in terms of light and shadow, angles and proportions. Writer-me is always looking for stories. Crocheter-me sees little details. (And colorful yarn?)

But regardless of the medium, I’m inspired by external realities. Inspiration is everywhere. Whether you’re going for a walk or road-tripping, you just need to open your eyes to see it all around you.


You see, I’ve long suspected that winter was designed to derail all of our creative efforts. The days are shorter. The skies are grayer. And inspiration, like the groundhog’s shadow, is hard to find.

Some days, I’m expressing ideas that otherwise might never occur to me. Others, crafting is like pulling teeth.

And you know what? That’s okay.

It doesn’t mean something’s wrong with me, or my work.

This is something I’ve been coming to terms with more and more lately. I’ve been learning to stop beating myself up when things don’t go as planned.

On the “down” days, I’m (largely) inspired by risk. Starting something new, something I don’t know how to finish – anything that has the potential for failure gets my heart and creativity going.

I also try to embrace the freedom to change course along the way, knowing every choice will be an important part of the finished piece.

By letting go of “good” outcomes, I open myself to a world where there are no mistakes. Creativity requires a willingness to play with your materials, whether those materials are words, pencils, whatever!

And that’s okay. More than okay.

So… What do you think? What keeps you going these days? I’d love it if you’d share your ideas in the comments below so we can make this the best possible resource to inspire and forge ahead.

Be free, my creative buddies!

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