Updates, And Future Plans For CB

Hello folks, and Happy December!

As you may have noticed, posting on the Blog has become a little more spread out, and the Buddies have been very busy. (That may sound as though we’re elves in a workshop, but I assure you we’re very much human, living our own lives and getting through academia.) On this end, there are a couple of reasons, the main one being: studying. And more studying. I do like it, though, and am grateful for the opportunity to pursue such a complex, intellectually challenging area of expertise.

Regarding news of recent crochet projects, I’ve been intending to get to work on holiday gifts (for some of the dolls and for people in real life). The holidays are coming up again, and as far as crochet planning goes, I have to catch up. I haven’t completed much thus far… though you’ll soon see the latest finished project.

Now it’s back to studying. In the next few days I’ll try to get a “12 Days Of Christmas” post series up, with links to various crochet patterns to keep you all busy. Until then!

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