Weekly Wonder, The Eighth

Hello again, people! Wherever you all are, whatever you’re up to, I hope your weekend is a splendid one! πŸ™‚

Earlier this week, I was looking through some of the ‘older’ archived photos, and came across a few unpublished folders. There are a ton of pics I’ve either forgotten about since photographing, or didn’t think would be interesting enough to post. It’s funny how that perception changes over time… In any case, these photos are from one of the previous trips downtown, earlier last month. We’ve since continued our travels, but it was fun exploring the very busy area all the same.

This time, I’ll let the images do the talking… Have fun! πŸ˜€

Alright, now I’ll just interject momentarily. πŸ˜‰ There was a gentle breeze near the center of downtown, so the little branch below was moving back and forth in the breeze. I focused on the flowers below it, then held the branch still to focus on it:

Now for some tranquil photos of the water a couple blocks away, to conclude this post:

Hope you enjoyed this Weekly Wonder! So much has happened in the last week, and will be happening in the weeks to come… the feeling of sheer excitement and joy is indescribable. It’s fantastic to be able to share these adventures with you, Dear Reader. Until next time!~

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