Weekly Wonder, The First

A continuation of today’s very long sequence of recent happenings. And we’re still not done yet! hehe

Enjoy! (Thank you for narrating the last post, Wren. It sounds terrific in your own words. 🙂 )

Wren was in the backpack when most of these images were taken, so after we got back she enjoyed seeing what photos I’d snapped during the walk downtown. These may not be in complete chronological order, but they’re here for you to enjoy nonetheless. (I have another set of flower photos from yesterday that are yet to be found, so I may add those near the bottom of the post, when they show up.)

As an aside, these posts are meant to be a tad more insightful as they progress. For this one, however, it’s kind of in the early stages, so tonight there’s significantly less insight on nature and its respective elements. (Also because I’m super worn out, and have a couple more finals to finish up before the semester is truly over.) At the very least, I hope you enjoy the collection of photographed flowers!

This image blurred a little, but I think it left a really cool effect:

There’s always something about branches that I’ve loved ever since early childhood. The way they case shadows on the ground, or the way the sunshine sifts through the dainty leaves….

While Wren was in the backpack during an in-between walk, we passed by some lovely flowers growing near a hospital. The fact that they are there for both patients and passersby to witness the beauty of a simple, natural gift, makes me smile and thank whoever put them there.

An extraordinary red flower among the pink ones:

There will be more coming in the realm of posts tomorrow. In the meantime, have a lovely, refreshing night, and keep being crafty!~


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