Weekly Wonder, The Fourth

Hello all! It’s that time of week again! (I feel like I’ve said that before, haha.)

Today I’ll be sharing some photos from our last adventure, as a continuation of yesterday’s escapades (though with more nature photography involved).

As previously stated by Wren, the weather is getting increasingly warm here–almost too hot to go outside. The summer sun is shining down very intensely, and it feels as though no patch of shade is cool enough to stand under for more than a few seconds. Though it’s still a lot better than continually overcast, dreary days! πŸ™‚

As we were walking through various neighborhoods, we passed through this particularly well-established area. There was a really cool wooden post with sculpted heads of two significant figures. (More detailed photos are further along the post.)

One of them looks a bit like Abraham Lincoln, but it’s somewhat hard to tell? Can’t figure out who the other one is… a lot of different people come to mind.

Surrounding the post were tons of roses, red and white:

One growing on the post:

The bright light had a really cool effect on this one:

Below are two photos taken of the exact same flowers using different focus settings. It’s interesting how the overall atmosphere of an image changes just by adjusting which part of the scenery is focused on…

In sum, the flowers were very beautiful and extremely photogenic–though personally I prefer ones that are spattered with varying shades, or blends, of color. Just a personal preference. πŸ™‚

How many times have you, as a crafter, wandered around in nature and caught sight of numerous forms of natural inspiration for your projects? Methinks you may have done that more than once. πŸ˜‰

Here’s a photo with more light of the two head sculpts at the top of the post:

It almost seems as though they are the authority of the neighborhood, always keeping watch over the area. If they were “alive,” I wonder what they would say…

We also passed a very decorative fire hydrant:

And a birdhouse in front of someone’s home:

Closeup of the surrounding flowers:

The walk through the neighborhood itself was very lovely. It was one of those rare times where Wren didn’t even want to be photographed, she just wanted to take a step back and enjoy the sunny landscape.

We found another fire hydrant further along:

The end of the neighborhood was kind of a dead end, so we turned and headed back closer to the center of the sleepy town. Along the way, we came across this gorgeous garden gate, similar to a cottage garden style:

It’s kind of hard to tell what exactly it is here, but it’s simply an ovular form of this type of gate:

Or this, if it were in the midst of a densely-clustered hidden garden:

The flowers covering the gate were also lovely:

Our attention was directed away for a moment as we caught sight of the telephone wire above:

Seriously, there’s just something about telephone wires that’s so enchanting to capture on a camera, or phone. Do any of you know what it is? πŸ™‚

Near the end of the walk, Wren asked me to take one last photo of her for the day:

We also photographed some flowers lining the front of people’s houses and gardens:

Unfortunately my shadow casts a little bit of a damper on the images. Oh well. πŸ˜›

Lastly, a few photos of the surrounding (and very green) landscape…

The clear sky provided a rather decent backdrop to emphasize the detail in the leaves of this particular tree:

The sun also helped enhance the quality here:

Well, that’s it for this Weekly Wonder! Let us know if you’d like to see a particular photo shoot or adventure for next week!

Looking ahead at the next few days, there will likely be at least two CB Store Updates, and, as Wren informed you, a few posts highlighting techniques and various supplies used in crochet. These posts will mostly center around advice for beginners, but are also helpful to all as a gauge for what crochet hooks to use with what yarn texture. So stay tuned for that, and many more things coming this next week! πŸ™‚

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