Weekly Wonder, The Seventh

Hi all! Olive here~ This week’s wonder has been taken over by me just for the day 😉

This week’s pictures will be focused around flowers and foods at my grandpa’s acreage. I was taking a walk around the yard Thursday, and I saw so many beautiful flowers, that I had to go grab my camera and take some pictures! Hope you guys like them as much i did~

These flowers are the ones I don’t have the faintest idea what they are called, but they are absolutely beautiful all the same!

Under a two-story pine tree were these white and pinkish-red perennials, and I just thought they were gorgeous. They seem like they were right at the height of their bloom.

Grandpa also has a walnut tree that is just starting to produce nuts. I’m not exactly sure what kind of walnut they are, but last year they just started bearing nuts (though only one or two of those nuts actually had ‘meat’ in them.) Maybe this year they’ll produce more~!

Now, apparently this fruit (in this next picture) I recently found out doesn’t exist in anywhere but Western Canada, which I thought was interesting! They are Saskatoons (I think I spelled that right), and they are tiny berries that are really good, whether just eaten off the bush, or backed into a fantastic homemade pie. I actually haven’t had one in awhile, so i really couldn’t describe the taste, so I guess I’ll just have to get a few from this year’s bush!

As a break from all these flowers, a pine tree branch that I saw lying around.

In the garden, there are some wild strawberries, some growing from last year’s seeds, and some that just decided to grow all on their own! I just took a few pictures of the ones growing from last year, but ooooooh they are SO GOOD. It was a pretty hot day (24 Celsius), so they were warm, and you wouldn’t really think that strawberries would be good warm, but they were! Sweet, but not overpowering, and so much better then what you normally get at the store. I can’t wait til more of them are grown and ready to be eaten!

Also in the garden, were chives! I didn’t actually realize they were chives until i was told, but wow their blossoms were really cool as a bunch!

Oh, and finally i found dozens upon dozen of Alberta roses all around the acreage. Evidently they are Alberta’s provincial flower, which (I think) is really cool!

Well, that’s all for this week’s Weekly Wonder! Thank you all for reading~
Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone!

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