Weekly Wonder, The Third

How is your Sunday going, Fellow Crafters? We at Crochet Buddies hope all is well, and that your weekend is a lovely one. ๐Ÿ™‚

To start with, we’ve come to a decision regarding Weekly Wonder posts. In the long run, we can begin to see a slight discrepancy between the text and the photos of what have been in these posts since starting. For instance, I (Orchid) am afraid that over time, it will be confusing trying to distinguish between the Tips and Advice part of the Weekly Wonder posts (aka the text), and the Photography part (the images).

Not everyone will visit these posts to see both, let-alone be interested in both. Therefore, from now on the Weekly Wonder posts will mainly focus on photography, with significantly less text and insight. Instead, there will be a new form of weekly post, called Tips & Advice, appearing. A new T&A post will be added to the Blog every Wednesday. These newer posts will have significantly more text, and also more insight. It’s synonymous to the category Advice and Tips; that category is just named differently so it shows up higher on the alphabetical Categories list. Though on the Tags list it will be in the correct order, Tips And Advice. Hopefully that doesn’t confuse anyone in future!

For an example of the initial Weekly Wonder layout, here is the post from last Sunday. Personally I think the new way of posting will be more efficient, time-wise and interest-wise and everything else. The other Buddies are in agreement. What do you think?

Well, all that aside… let’s launch into some photos!

Some of these were taken awhile ago–though all on the same day, I think. It’s wonderful to see the changes in photographed subjects, landscape, lighting and everything else. What’s your favorite image here? ๐Ÿ™‚

This panorama of the entire area came out rather nice (all photos above were of the individual flowers nestled within):

The day was very overcast, which actually made for an intriguing blend of colors as a backdrop:

This looks like something a crochet butterfly, or even a real one, would land on:

Apparently this little bug liked hanging out on this particular flower. Needless to say, he stayed still long enough to pose:

Well, that sums up this week… for now. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon!~

Orchid & The Buddies

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