Weekly Wonder, The Twelfth

Goooood morning world! Tis I, Olive again, here to hijack the weekly wonder post for the next 2 weeks!

You may remember I took over a Weekly Wonder post awhile back (Weekly Wonder, the Seventh to be exact). I focused on my grandpa’s acreage and the variety of flowers and fruits scattered around his place. This week, I shall be doing the same, showing off the growth of some of the fruits and some new flowers I found while walking around last week~
So! Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Just outside the house, are Nanjing cherries. They are ripe and SO good~ In just a month or two though it will be like a hive with all the wasps, hornets, and bees eating the fruits.

By grandpa’s tack shed, were Hooded Monks:

Now, as you may or may not remember from my last Weekly Wonder post, I took pictures of Grandpa’s walnuts. Since then, they have grown considerably!

For comparison sake – the walnuts before:

Grandpa has several apple trees (both cooking apples and eating apples) around his acreage, and they are just brimming with fruit!

There are other apple trees that have more apples on them, but this was all I took pictures of.

I checked up on the Saskatoons (a fruit I also took pictures of last time), they are almost all ripe and picked, but I got some stunning pictures of the remainders~

Further along in the yard, were cooking pears. There seems like there will be quite a few this year, but they are very high up! I had to stand on my tiptoes – arms outstretched – to get pictures of some of the pears.

Another cherry tree (not sure what this one is called); it is absolutely covered in cherries! Most of them are still orange/yellow, or just days away from ripeness, but soon there will be pails upon pails of delicious cherries~

On the way back to the house, I noticed some milkweed that looked quite dainty and beautiful:

Also on my back, I found some Red Osier Dogwood berries. They’ll be there into most of the fall, and when fall hits, the leaves will turn a gorgeous shade of red, which I hope to capture when that time comes~

On the way out from grandpa’s acreage, I took a picture of a passing field, which turned out surprisingly well considering it was taken in a moving vehicle.

That’s all for this week! Thank you all for reading~
See you next week! <3

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