Wren’s Cobblestone Stitch Blanket, And Holiday Dress

With the temperatures reaching a significant low this year, I asked the dolls what they’d like me to make for them – blanket? sweater? beanie? – and they answered simultaneously: “BLANKETS.” The dolls have been enduring the cold – as we all have – but now it’s time they had something cozy for all those frigid nights.

Recently, I’ve made it my goal to learn at least 5 new crochet stitches a month, amid school and other things. Blankets are usually “tedious” (for those who dislike repetition) because they involve working the same stitch or pattern for x number of rows, without much variation. I was looking for a new, “fun” stitch that had great texture and would be suitable for the dolls; a stitch that could be “scaled down” with a smaller crochet hook to match their size.

Then I saw a recent tutorial on Moogly featuring Cobblestone Stitch. Having never heard of this stitch before, I was curious and wanted to try it out. Moogly’s tutorial was super informative and fun. Within a couple of minutes I understood the foundation of the stitch, and how to “improvise” a bit and experiment with the rows.

About an hour later, the blanket was made:

Then I added some fringe for additional warmth:

The yarn itself is multicolor, and just so happened to change at exactly the right times: near the edges of the rows. What I love about the yarn is the wide variety of colors – it went through five changes before returning to the color I’d started with.

Wren was very grateful for the new blanket. She tucked herself right in:

You look a lot cozier now, don’t you Wren? πŸ™‚

“I feel cozier now too, Orchid!”

“Hey everyone! Long time no seeeeeee!”

(Wren hasn’t appeared in a post since July, when she was rescuing Winifred from her box. So now she’s back in the “spotlight.”)

I hadn’t measured the width or length of the blanket against the bed until it was done, so we were quite fortunate that it fit perfectly!

Wren’s dress is also new (or partially new, as it hasn’t been featured on Crochet Buddies yet). It was crocheted during the holidays:

Initially, I didn’t know what to use for the edging, as there weren’t any colors in my yarn stash that contrasted nicely with the MC. Fortunately there was also a bag of embroidery floss, so I used some lavender to embellish the collar, waistline and hem:

All in all, I’m very satisfied with both the blanket and dress. Thank you, Moogly, for an excellent tutorial on Cobblestone Stitch, and for inspiring this miniature crochet blanket! πŸ™‚

If you’d like to purchase Wren’s holiday dress pattern, let me know in the comments, or send a message via the Contact form.

Stay tuned for more projects and posts coming soon!

What do YOU think of Wren’s new blanket, and dress? πŸ™‚

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