A Walk Through Target – Lori Dolls And More

A few weeks ago, when we were in the Philadelphia area, Mom and I went exploring via bus–again–and discovered yet another store in the middle of nowhere. This time it was Target. And what was supposed to be a Craftventure turned into an entirely different kind of outing!

As it happened, the store had two levels, just like Burlington in the first Craftventuring episode. Hardly anyone was there, which again made me wonder why so many stores around the suburban Philadelphia area are devoid of any business and people.

In any case, a fair amount of items were on clearance. And one of them just so happened to be a Lori doll… Alinn, specifically…

Lori doll Alinn at Target

These dolls usually cost around $12.00 at Target stores. “Alinn” was on clearance for $6.98. So naturally, she came home. Her name is now Winifred–a name I’d had in mind for awhile, for any new doll that arrived.

And I thought Wren had enough siblings! Sigh. πŸ˜‰ But I think Winifred will indeed be the last of the Lori and Our Generation girls in the family. Though I must admit, this particular line of dolls has a lot of variation in eye color, hair color, clothing options, etc., for such a tiny size. They’re also more diverse than other doll brands, and are priced competitively decent.

There were tons of other items on clearance as well. I took some photos of the surrounding toy shelves (not the best image quality, mind; my phone was the only photographing device on hand). Personally, most of the large items at Target–not to mention the toys in general–don’t catch my interest anymore. Sometimes it’s nostalgic, going through all the isles and pointing out the brands I used to be familiar with as a kid. Other times it’s kind of boring. Ah well… interests change over time.

At the end of this post is a mini photo story of Wren helping Winifred out of her box. If you’d rather see that instead of all the other Target toys (and the rather interesting shopping cart escalator), then skip ahead. πŸ™‚

Lori doll Drea at Target
Lori doll Macie at Target
Lori doll Alexandra and an Our Generation scooter
Shelf of Lori dolls, furniture and accessories
Li’l Woodzeez at Target
Our Generation furniture
Our Generation kitchen set
Lori kitchen accessories
Our Generation horse
Lori living room furniture
Our Generation Retro doll Cecee
Our Generation doll outfits
Various Lego kits at Target
Our Generation RV
Various Our Generation dolls
Another Lori Alexandra, standing upright
And the doll behind her, OG mini Sadie

(The doll above, Alexandra, was kind of sweet–also on clearance–but her eyes were a bit wonky. Also, one of the versions of her was missing a shoe. So I passed. She has the same eye color as Wren anyway.)

Our Generation “Math Whiz” set

The set above did come home with us, because of usability value (the set below did not). There are actually a lot more pieces in there than expected.

Our Generation “Woodwork Art” set
Lori mini dolls Cyarra and Livvy
A shelf of Lori dolls
Lori doll Mikayla
Lori dolls Anna Mae, London, and Naveah
Lori doll Analeigh, hiding behind London
Our Generation retro set
Our Generation mini dolls

Now, for an interesting bit of news. When we first went up to the second floor via the escalator, Mom and I were intrigued by the fact that a shopping cart can actually go up as well! There is a separate little “staircase” mechanism that locks the cart in place, and takes it up and down alongside the regular mechanism. I’d never seen one before, not even in the heart of major cities, and it was really cool to watch in action! (Didn’t get any pics of that, though.) I hadn’t thought to photograph the contraption on the way up, so this is how it looks going down:

It’s a rather interesting design, isn’t it?

And a view from the bottom:

We finally left Target, finished up some other errands and took the bus back.

It had gotten dark by then, but I couldn’t wait to get Winifred out of her box. So I switched the camera setting to flash on my phone, and “documented” Wren’s discovery of her new sister:

“Ooh, who are you?”

“Uh, I guess I’m Winifred… could you please help me out of this box? It’s a little stuffy in here.”

“Oh yeah, sure! Let me get the tape and stuff off your box.”

“Thank you.”

Winifred has been quite active since then. Wren’s been telling me she needs to “retire” and hand over the business of adventuring to Winifred; to which I profusely disagree, of course. You’ve still got more adventuring to do, young lady!

Stay tuned for Winifred’s first featured adventure on Saturday! Hope you enjoyed a journey through a Target in the middle of nowhere! πŸ™‚

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