Adventures with the Buddies

Well, it happened. It was inevitable. We decided to create this little corner of the Crochet Buddies world to share the adventures (and mishaps) of some of the Buddies. Needless to say, this shall prove to be a very interesting collection of stories documenting the lives of my fellow traveling companions. We hope you enjoy the telling of these adventures as they unfold!

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AwtB #1: Carter & Mimi Take A Stroll

AwtB #2: Wren’s First Adventure

AwtB #3: Caoimhe’s First Adventure

AwtB #4: Wren With Her Hair Down

AwtB #5: Wren, Her Fishtail Braid And More Outings

AwtB #6: Wren’s Historical Adventure

AwtB #7: Fun In The Sun

AwtB #8: Wren At The Train Station

AwtB #9: The Magical Stitch Marker

AwtB #10: Wren Out And About

Reminiscing: An Unofficial 11th AwtB

AwtB #12: Winifred’s Exploration

AwtB #13: Efa At The Park

AwtB #14: Efa and the Fountain

AwtB #15: Efa And The Farmers Market

AwtB #16: Debbie And The Duck Pond