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Emma And Her Dress

And now for another introduction! Wren and I agreed that it’s time to start bringing back the personalities of the other dolls who are currently less active at the moment.

So, without further ado, here’s our friend Emma! She’s Emma from the Springfield doll line. We found her at Jo-Ann’s in 2014, and decided to bring her home. Sadly, I haven’t really had the chance to make a decent array of clothes for her. Time to change that. πŸ™‚

These photos were taken a long time ago, but they do bring back fond memories. I often reminisce in how less complex it was to crochet during middle school years.

It’s interesting to note that when I sold handmade doll clothing at one of the Arts Festivals in 2014, the clothes I made for Emma didn’t always fit dolls such as those from the mainstream AG line. I had tailored the outfits specifically to fit Emma, and found out later that when customers tried some of the sweaters and similar items on their dolls, the fit was too tight. πŸ™

The shoes fit very nicely, though. I was even surprised that shoes for Emma’s kind of doll actually fit Bitty Baby dolls as well! There was one mom who stopped by the booth, bought two pairs of Mary Jane shoes that fit her daughter’s Bitty Baby, and said that if I had more colors available after the Festival she would buy all of them!

Here’s the dress on its own… one of the prototype versions I made for 18″ cloth body dolls like Emma:

I plan on adjusting this dress pattern to make a more extensive range of outfits for dolls of different sizes and proportions. (No two patterns will be the same, though; I’ll be modifying stuff as I go.)

Well, these two pictures will have to do for the time being… we have a few more, but they’re blurry and aren’t the best. Sorry about that.

Hope you enjoyed ‘meeting’ Emma, and seeing the dress I made for her all those years ago! Emma’s personality also needs some developing… what kind of character do you think she should be? Where would she be in the modern world, with her personality?

I’m planning on having another Crochet Lesson post up very soon, and there may be a Special Guest Appearance for a DIY Project in the next few days. πŸ™‚

Have a lovely rest of the day!~

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