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Ruby’s Holiday Dress

Ruby wanted a crochet dress for the holidays, so that’s what I made for her. The dress was finished – and worn by Ruby – a couple of months ago, and I’ve now finally gotten around to sharing it on this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

The dress by itself was nice, but we thought it needed something “extra.” So Ruby added a sash – red metallic ribbon with gold trim – to make the outfit look more festive (and “holiday-ish,” she said).

Being a bubbly doll by nature, Ruby didn’t want to stand still… she modeled different poses, and wanted “just the right angle” each time.

The dress is made from Superwash wool, which is so much fun to work with. Wool has one of the best textures to make anything; not too rough, easy crochet tension, and projects are faster to finish than with other materials, such as acrylic (for me, at least). This yarn is a bit thinner than what I usually use for dolls Ruby’s size, so I adjusted the pattern slightly, and am satisfied with the result.

Because Ruby is primarily made of wool, I’ve been aiming to match the standard Ruby’s “set” by making outfits with 100% natural materials. (The other dolls have been getting new high-quality outfits as well, so there is no “doll bias.” ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Let me know what you think of Ruby’s holiday dress. I’ll be getting a couple of patterns ready (and revising some of the older ones) soon, as well as adding new products for sale in the Online Store. Stay tuned for more posts on Ruby’s newest outfits, coming next week!

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