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Crochet Buddies Official Summer Theme: Aquatic Crafts

Crochet Buddies Season Of Creativity -- Aquatic Crafts

The Crochet Buddies Season Of Creativity Begins In July!

This summer’s theme is all about aquatic life: from crochet coral reefs, to marine animals, deep-sea plants, accessories and decorations you can create for yourself and loved ones.

How The Seasons Of Creativity Work:

Each season there will be a select “theme” to keep you busy crafting for months at a time. This summer’s crafting features a weekly theme-related series of project ideas, patterns, advice, and much more. Some posts will feature pattern compilations from other crochet sites and blogs; others will be step-by-step tutorials by the Crochet Buddies team.

These Seasons of Creativity include crochet, knitting, beading, DIY projects, and more!

If you have a seasonal pattern or project you would like featured, contact us below and we’ll include your creation(s) in a special post; or, write a guest post for the Crochet Buddies Blog!

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