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Starting that first row and counting stitches!  


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29/06/2018 2:58 pm  

Hey guys! I’m a real beginner to the world of crochet and I’ve started on this basic project however I’m having a little trouble getting my bearings with counting the stitches!

the pattern says to make 58ch and then do 1tr into the fourth ch from the hook and do 1tr in every chain until the end. I should apparently have 56 st in my first row however I end up having 55st and I can’t seem to figure out where I’ve gone wrong! I’d really appreciate some help here! 🙂

PS. I’m a left handed crocheter so I’ll need a little extra help understanding lol

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30/06/2018 9:54 pm  

Hey Kannammarox23, welcome to the Forum! Terrific to hear you have joined the wonderful world of crochet! 😀

Great question. From what you've described I'd say it's most likely a typo in the instructions. Because the pattern says to tr into the 4th ch (which sounds accurate given that tr is a taller st) either the number of chs (58) or number of sts (56) is off by one; here it's probably the ch count.

To "fix" the pattern it may help to see if the next few rows depend upon Row 1 being exactly 56 sts. If so, you can add an extra ch at the beginning, so something like:

Ch 59. 1tr into 4th ch from hook and in each st across.

That should keep the st count at 56. I think for both left-handed and right-handed crocheting, the ch and st count should be the same. You were following the pattern correctly, and having 55 sts wasn't a mistake on your part -- I would have done the same. (St counts are a bit bothersome at times, aren't they? 😛 )

Hope this helps! If you have anymore questions feel free to ask!


P.S. I must say, for a beginner you're brave to tackle stitches like tr right off the bat -- kudos to you! 🙂